End of year analysis


My list has gotten stale. Will list them once I have them on one sheet. But interested in what others look for with the year end coming


The new year…


But to make the most of the new year, one must understand the current year


That is so true and one must understand past years also…

They say doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is “crazy”…

  1. Increasing route density within my immediate area.
  2. New website w SEO.
  3. Tip Jar BOAB
  4. Samurai BOAB
  5. Hidden Gems wrapping up w 5 more episodes & giveaway
  6. New multiple video Series.
  7. Back End Organization & Optimization
  8. Multiple Giveaways
  9. Putting Business back in its rightful place in life.

  1. Two turntables
  2. One microphone
  3. Samurai mold
  4. US patents
  5. Foreign PCT


Marketing ROI
Total Bids
Accepted Bids
Close Rate
Close Rate of Responsibid
Close Rate with Close The Job
Sales by Service
Total Jobs
Average Invoice Total
Number of jobs by Service
Number of New Clients
Cost of Client Acquisition
Number of Compliments
Number of Complaints/callbacks
Categorize complaints/callbacks


Things are pretty straightforward here…

Done the calculations and tracking throughout the year, I know where the weak links are now.

  • Marketing and Advertising!

I need to make it as optimized and as effective as possible.

Everything else is basically on autopilot now and works great.

But I suck at design and content when it comes to advertising!! Time to delegate that responsibility to one of the experts.

If I don’t do it by this time next year I will have done one season of crawfish gathering down in the bayou!

Seriously I do like that idea if it doesn’t work out, here! :sunglasses: