End of the squeegee pivotal / swivel handle as we know IT?


Do not expect most people to think this is anything new.
As it looks like other squeegees pivotal/swivel squeegees.
But it’s what you are not seeing.
Is the pending patented unique pivotal/swivel movement.
And the only way to know what it works like is try it.

Have developed squeegee handle so you can hold many different way’s changing how it is held while doing pane of glass.
Eliminating RSI respective strain injury
Having unique swivel has a silky smooth operation. (Patent pending)
Even pressure over squeegee channel no matter what angle the handle is on.
Allowing, even wear along length of squeegee rubber.
No more dog-earing or end clips.
It holds many different squeegee channels as well.
Quick- Lock connections so to be able to use on any pole that has ether Gardiner Quick-LoQ or Wiel-Loc sold in Australia angle adapters.


Realize most of our modifications to look at, seems that it would do nothing.
It is only when you use them you see the benefit.


Is what is in the video a prototype or the finished product?


Is a prototype.


Awesome as usual. Can’t wait til theyre on the market.


Herman, do you need any more beta testers? I’d love to get my hands on one of these handles.


How long till you think it will be available?


Looks great