Electrified window frames


Doing a residential window cleaning today after a housewash and my guy tells me he just got shocked by a window frame. Me being me, thinks he’s full of it. So I touch the frame and get the shock as well. Pretty good jolt. No injuries thank God but I couldn’t belive it. Never heard of such a thing. We notified the customer and moved onto the next job. Anyone else ever experienced this?


I’ve heard of gutters and even the ground being electrified due to bad wiring. They need to get an electrician there, stat.

A friend of mine discovered that the entire ground circuit of his house had a 50v charge on it. Yikes.


That’s crazy! Yea that’s what I told them too. Call an electrician… call today!


That’s weird. I’m usually shocked by clean windows.


ba dum tssss


Stray voltage can be dangerous and hard to figure out.