Electric Hose Reel


Does anyone use an electric hose reel?

Been looking for 2 -300’ Cox electric reels, finding best price is looking to be in the range of $600 or more.

Do you find them to be worth the price?


Pardon my ignorance, for extension cords? Or self winding?


For WFP hose, self winding


Hey Jeff I’ve been looking into different options in regards to electric reels lately, check out this YouTuber’s setup for wfp, I like his ideas of guides for his hose lines also, it’s in another video check it out.


Good video, this is one is saw too, also water works has a system but seemed a little too fast.

Very popular in UK


What do you mean by to fast?


I saw that Gardiner is coming out with a new one, it is on there website UK.


So pimp!
I hate rolling those things up.


Decided to go with a pair of manual reels Cox 1125 -4-200 with a Stacking kit, $480 shipped.

I will be able to get about 350’-400’ feet of hose on each.

They are way more heavy duty than needed, great quality reel.


340-400’ feet of 5/16ths?


No, 5/16 i believe is more of a pole hose.

Our supply hose, from machine to pole, is purchased as 1/4 hose. Outer diameter of that is probably 1/2"