EDDM Specials


I’m looking to do a run of EDDM to a neighborhood in my area and trying to decide what “specials” I can list on the back. My issue is that in this particular neighborhood, there are no cookie cutter homes. All very large, custom homes. None of the “20 windows for $X” or “Housewash for $X” would be applicable for these homes. I guess I could do a “$25” or “$50” off or something but curious to hear what any of you many send out to similar neighborhoods.


Let me ask you this? Why do you think you need a special on there? I would suggest to simply send them out just letting people know you exist and also to send them to customers you already have. I just took classes on discounts recently and without going into detail, discounts train the customer to use you not because of your quality of work or professional service but because the discount. A discount in business is like an athlete using steroids, short term benefits with long term damages. I have completely gotten rid of discounts because it trains customers to use you for the discount. I know that it is true because I have given money away to customers and contacted them 6 months later and the first thing they say is “what type of special are you running now” No specials right now Mr. Jones! Oh okay well let us know when there is one. My suggestion is to just mail them out with your company info and make it look professional!


It’s bad when you are running a business and the first thing your mind thinks is I need to take off money to sell my services! No discounts!!!


Well for one, a call to action is beneficial on marketing materials and secondly all of the templates on here that are supposedly proven all have “specials” on the back. Also the specials don’t necessarily have to be a discount but can be your standard pricing dressed up to look like a special. I’m not looking to deeply discount anything I do but offering an incentive to make the phone ring is good marketing. Once on the phone, that’s where the selling really begins.


Why can’t your services and look be the call to action? Why does the price/discount/special have to be the call to action? “offering an incentive to make the phone ring is good marketing.” Offering incentive is a good way to make the phone ring right now but not later. When you offer specials you are training your customers to use you not because of your quality, communication or service but because of the special. So guess what happens when there is no special, well now there not saving money so you can call me next time I can get a deal okay. Not being rude, I just got done taking several business classes on this! Discounts are similar to an athlete that takes steroids. Steroids offer short term benefits but mess an athletes body up long term. Specials get the phone to ring right now but instantly make customers see you as the saving money window cleaner and when you want full price down the road there not getting a deal so are not happy now. The more you focus on the “numbers, discounts, specials, savings etc” the more customers will focus on that. Again I am not being rude, but discounts devalue your service, make people use you because of the number and will get you business now but hurt you long term.


I think its no problem to run a 20 window special to a “non cookie cutter home” - They could possibly take advantage of the promo or you could just roll them into some other promo when they call.


This is how I apply it. As far as non-standard windows, I inform the customers that it is based on size. I tell them their french paned door with ten lites will not be counted as ten windows, but one, just as that jumbo three panel patio door will not be counted as one. When the cleaning is over, I’ll state that if they maintain a certain maintenance schedule, the “promotional price” will remain the standard price. Of course, it is just my price.