Dusting Glass


Have we ever thought about what gets on glass and if there is a way to remove it quicker? An example of what I am talking about is dust. Just dust. When glass is bare and especially rough dust has an adhesive property. It sticks. But coatings both hydrophobic and hydrophylic prevent dust from sticking. Making it easy to actually remove dry. What can we do with this idea?



In theory, I would love to be able to clean a piece of glass with a duster or something, however, in my experience dusty glass is never only dust. I actually have tried using an electrostatic duster, and I found that once the dust is removed the dirt/fingerprints/whatever else remained (of course). Dusting first simply turned it into a 2 step process, instead of just washing the window as usual.

I also found that some dust is “greasy”. When using a duster on glass, some dust tends to smear a bit and looks awful.

The only benefit I can think of that would come from removing the dust before cleaning, is avoiding the buildup of dust on the squeegee. I don’t think that is a big enough issue to justify extra time and an extra step.


I market ng1010 to my customers as dust resistant coating for mirrors and also especially louvre blade glass, so much easier to keep them clean, a wipe over with a microfibre and they are done


I think the NG1010 will definitely give you the longevity. It is also scratch resistant. Should last forever if applied inside. I do agree this idea will only work for some glass. Have always thought it would be great for Mall glass. The extreme dust in malls causes a buildup on the rubber and hence much streaking! Of course I dumpted my mall accounts. Can’t tolerate corporate and those pay companies. The paperwork takes longer than the window cleaning!