DURANGO COLORADO window cleaners


I am planing to come to Durango Co in April (the first 2 weeks) for a vacation. I am interested in hooking up to try some window cleaning in that area as it will be where I retire in about 8 years.
I have been window cleaning in Minneapolis, Mn for 28 yrs, commercial and residential. I now own a residential company working as my 2nd job.

Is there someone I can work with while I am there?
I have modern equipment including ladders, pur water system and water fed pole and traditional equipment. I will be driving my own truck too.



I’ll ask a friend of mine if she might need/want the help. Lot of good guys (and gals) up there. The commercial is a cutthroat market in Durango, main street is a hard nut to crack and I always stayed away from it. During tourist season main street suuuucks. But there’s plenty of residential especially if you’re willing to go out to Mancos, Cortez, or Pagosa.


Sounds good thanks…I figured I would have to drive some for sure.


@evokenflow is from Durango. I can’t speak for him letting you come on board obviously, but maybe head over to Steamworks and talk shop. It’s been a few years since I have been there. It’s a great place to visit and live!


Thank you for taking the time…