Duns number?


I am trying to get on Krogers vendor list and they require me to get a duns number. I spent about an hour trying to get one and then they tell me it costs 600 bucks. I was under the impression it was free. Anyone have any experience with this?
Edit: apparantly I will still get a duns number but it will show that it is “incomplete” until I pay the fee.


Humm, I never went through the process so I could be wrong, but the 600 bucks is to “kick start” your account and make sure that everybody sees you and those that see you love you and you must absolutely positively pay the 600 bucks and everything will be so totally awesome that you won’t be able to believe it and you must do it now because we’ve had several people looking at your record and without it you’ll never ever get another job ever again. So can I have your credit card number?

As far as I know, the DUNS is mainly in case you want to borrow money. It’s like building up your business credit score. I never intended to borrow so I never bothered.

Not sure why Krogers would want it. Maybe one of the bigger window cleaning companies on here can answer more better.


Thanks. Yeah they emailed me and said I can still get the duns number but without the payement it is “incomplete”


From my limited understanding you can complete a few steps on this site and your registration with duns will show up completed. I’m not sure if it varies state to state but I had a commercial client make a similar request. This was my solution and they were satisfied. It took about 2 weeks to post and costs nothing. Hope it’s helpful.


Hey Folks, found this on SBA website. They say it is free.

Before you can bid on government proposals, you need to obtain a Dun & Bradstreet, or D-U-N-S, Number, a unique nine-digit identification number for each physical location of your business. D-U-N-S Number assignment is free for all businesses required to register with the federal government for contracts or grants.
What do I need to get my D-U-N-S Number?
When registering for your D-U-N-S Number, you will need the following on hand:
Legal name
Headquarters name and address for your business
Doing Business As (DBA) or other name by which your business is commonly recognized
Physical address, city, state and ZIP Code
Mailing address (if separate from headquarters and/or physical address)
Telephone number
Contact name and title
Number of employees at your physical location
Whether you are a Home-Based Business
How do I get my D-U-N-S Number?
Good news! Getting your D-U-N-S Number is easy. Visit D-U-N-S Request Service to obtain more detailed instructions on applying for your D-U-N-S Number.
Also, see the FAQs for obtaining a D-U-N-S Number and visit System for Award Management (SAM).


Years ago we inquired into this and I believe it was free.

50% of the jobs we bid require this number, they just want to hire established companies. This is verified through your Dunn number, credit score rating. They also seem to require creditors, so it’s good to establish a good list of credit history early if you think you will be soliciting large commercial work.


Will thr Duns number show them my credit history?


I don’t think it gives a credit history it just gives a credit rating.

I assume this because the same bids that we do also ask for credit references, So they would not have this creditor information through Dunn.