Dun & Bradstreet unethical sales people


So we are trying to build our business credit and have asked a couple of creditors to report to D&B for us since we make our payments on time etc. Well I call into D&B to find out why they marked us as poor status even though we have no score yet and make all of our payments on time. The rep on the phone told me the only way to build a score is to self report and the only way to do that is to pay their ridiculous subscription fee every month. This doesn’t seem right to me and also unethical. I SHOULD be able to build my score without paying for it. Thoughts?


D&B is pay to play, just like the BBB


I used them about 10 years ago because some guy told me that I could use my company’s credit to buy equipment get loans etc…
Mind you, I had no idea what he was talking about…I think I even asked Chris or Alex if they took Dunn and Bradstreet credit back then.

It was a huge waste of money in my opinion…for the credit builder. Everything else, you HAVE to have.
On a side note, they absolutely SUCK when it comes to listing business’ names.
My company since I’m a sole prop has my company name as my freaken name and even tho I’ve told them at LEAST 6 times that I do have a website and gave the url to them every time we spoke and I was assured it would update…still, in their eyes I got no website and my business is called Salvatore Frank Marino Jr.
What the heck is that??? They suck. But its a necessary evil.


D&B is so 70’s and 80’s lol


If you need credit go to a local bank and show them your books like any other business, credit is based on income to debt ratio, What D&B says is irrelevant.


I agree that d&b is totally unethical but we have been approved for things based on our d&b profile. I haven’t checked it for a while but it was good last I checked. We don’t really use credit except for vehicle purchases so not overly concerned with it. But I wouldn’t flat out dismiss it either. Good thing is that business credit is easier to manage than personal credit.