"Dry" cleaning interior storefronts





sounds like a good idea, I’m going to check it out also. Thanks tom


yeah man!!


We use the polishing pads on one job with high windows in a high traffic area. We clean them every few months with a squeegee but they just don’t need it that often a polishing pad works great. But I’ve always felt the same with the customer perception. But if ever asked I would simply explain this could not be done unless it was being maintained by a professional :sunglasses:


Yeah, Luke for sure! I always explain that this is a professional system and to your point, I do clean with solution and squeegee when needed.


Tom, do you mind posting a link to the kit you use?


Sure here it is :https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/unger-speedclean-window-kit.html
I mix half distilled water and 1/4 alcohol in unger sprayer on a belt.



What concentration of alcohol do you use? Just like the standard 70% you’d find at a pharmacy?

And what’s the other 1/4? (1/2 water + 1/4 alcohol = 3/4 or am i misunderstanding?)


I meant 1/2 to 3/4 distilled or pure water the rest 70 alcohol.


Guys have been talking about 50/50 for years. How come you’re only using 25% alcohol?



No reason specifically Mike. It. Aries for me on how dirty the windows are. I get good results What ever works!:grinning:




Mike, I’ve been meaning to ask you since the last time you mentioned the 50/50…do you also use the 70% concentration alcohol like Tom recommended?


Yes mixed 50/50 with di water. Standard Unger pads with a modified doodle bug pad holder.


Thanks, Mike. Appreciate the pic, too.

(The nerd in me wants to say, “So we should really call it 35/65.” Sighhh…math humor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

This feels like a dumb question, but…how do you use this set-up? Just apply the 50/50 to the pad, wipe the window, and go?


The 50/50 is in a small trigger spray bottle. Spray the wash pad heavy and scrub the window, then buff it dry with polishing pad. If they’re not that dirty just mist the pad or the glass and buff until clean and dry. I use to use it on my residential sky lights, mostly.