Doubling Down


Two years ago when I started, I hoped it would get to this point, but it seems like a long time coming. I’ve finally got to a tipping point where I can stay solo or just go for it and grow. I’ve got enough work where I’m busy enough to justify not selling more work. I found an awesome helper a month maybe six weeks ago and he’s finally trained up enough to be able to handle jobs on his own for the most part. Monday I’m jumping in with both feet again. He and I are going out every week day. He’ll be servicing and I’ll be doing some sales and helping with cleaning to catch us up. Dropped a hundred and fifty bucks on another simple set of gear and a couple of poles so we each have everything needed instead of sharing tools like we have been making do with so far.

Interesting that you don’t realize how much something wears until you get a new copy…


@Chris how do I make my pictures not do like the bottom two did?


dont take them while drinking? maybe lol


LMAO, yeah is it zoomed in? Because it uploads exactly how the picture is. Maybe you chose the wrong ones?


Maybe try resizing your pics?