Doorhanger Response Rate (Not EDDM, but doorhangers only)


Your post is right on the money Garry.


We found that door hangers work best when dropping them around the home you are currently serving.

I don’t know about anyone else but our returns on physical advertising keeps declining. We went bust on 3 separate eddm mailings this year in neighborhoods that we typically had great success from(5k mailers average of about $5k in revenue each time) and I just don’t think I’m going to be doing any of it this year. Maybe a summer mailer 5-10k pieces. Other problem is that we’ve found that these clients have to be brought in with a great deal and they have a very low repeat rate.

On another note we are killing it by remarketing via email to all of our contacts in our system. We’re getting tons of new residential from our commercial client contacts (billing person, service contact, office manager, etc). Editing an email “flyer” costs us about $75 per month but returns typically over $2-3k per month in additional revenue. Much better margin, no mail prep and no post office drop offs. All increasing margin.

Just food for thought.


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We double are income in 2016 with just word of mouth.
Have a good Google presence help too.
Never have did the door hangers but knock on a lot of doors
in 47 years!


Can you speak to what percentage of response rate you received when you did have time for blanket canvassing?

How about a response rate for “5 arounds”? If you left “5 around” 20 different customers, how many calls might you get from those 100 doorhangers?


Any theories on what went wrong this time around? When you say “bust”, what’s your definition of bust? If you previously were getting $5,000 in sales from a 5,000 postcard mailing, I’d say that’s pretty good. Could be better, could be worse. Was it a poor offer? Bad timing on your part? Downturn in the local economy?


A 5,000 EDDM mailing would cost about $1,500 including printing and postage. It would take about 80 man hours to distribute 5,000 doorhangers per month. This comes out to $18.75 per man hour if you look at it that way. I totally get what you’re saying and of course as an owner I value our time at well above $18.75 an hour, but this is more about testing what works best and what doesn’t. I want to bombard certain neighborhoods from various angles. If doorhangers work well for us, there are a few pretty reputable companies who will do all the walking for us at comparable rates and I will gladly pay the price when the time comes. But first, I want us to do it ourselves for a few months to make sure the doorhanger idea is bringing in enough sales to even justify continuing it.


By bust I mean about $1k in earnings and it cost about $1600 in printing and postage. The timing was spring and summer so definitely not bad and there’s no downturn in the local economy here. Just didn’t get a response. But even when we don’t go “bust” the returns keep diminishing. And again, very low repeat rate on the ones we gain. A one time client is not worth all that much to us.


Total newbie to window cleaning.

When you guys use the 5-around or the 10 up 10 down method. Are u using a door hanger that gives the name and or address of your current customer?


Nope. Just my normal hanger that I leave everywhere.


Thank u


saw this door hanger at a customers house, i left it at their house 3 years before she called us.


I’d say stick to your plan & make a savings coupon on the door hanger. It’s great exercise & you won’t be doing it for long if jobs are done good.
I did it myself everyday I could. I’d get bout 1-2 jobs a day. I started w/ really nice ranch style 1 floor homes so I could clean 3 a day & back to Door hangers. That lasted less than a month because customers loved my work & referrals from them had me cleaning 7 days a week.
My plan was 1story homes $300,000 & up after 9 am. Mostly elderly ppl lived in em. The nice old ladies love talking smack to my handsome mugg & even landed 4 jobs from one nice lady in 2 blocks of each other. I always try to go up & back the same block so they see me again, that got me a few jobs.
If ya just do doorhangers & excellent work you’ll have enough work for 3 cleaners in a couple seasons. Good luck out there




Since restarting my business a few months ago I have been door hanging flyers (full page flyer with a couple of “call to action” coupons on the flyer).

I am sticking to single level homes in upper middle class neighborhoods. It takes me about 2 hours to door hang 75 flyers (longer if the lots are larger than average, less if the homes are really close together).

So far I am finding that for every 75 flyers I get two new “immediate” jobs. Don’t know about long term.

I do know that every part of the U.S. will be different. This works here (South West Utah).



I like how you are focusing on one story homes. Keep it simple. I found that the older I get I really like the homes that take 4 to 6 hours max.


I dropped door hangers in a couple neighborhoods the other day. The smaller neighborhood, only about 3 blocks by 4 blocks, I got one call that I booked a job for $700; and they want to do the Quarterly Maintenance Clean that I offer.


Just repeated this about 40 minutes ago. Embrace the power of the door hanger. :wink:


Third neighborhood with door hangers in as many weeks, third home that turned a $700+ job. Let this trend continue with the $300/$400 jobs in between and all is good. Door hangers rock!


i’m curious what these neighborhoods look like, care to post a picture?