Doorhanger Response Rate (Not EDDM, but doorhangers only)


It’s been a while since someone started a good doorhanger thread on here, so what better way to kick off 2017?

Let me just say that I plan on going heavy with EDDM in neighborhoods with very large, very expensive homes that are too far apart to justify using doorhangers. I plan on using doorhangers in neighborhoods where the houses are slightly smaller and closer together but will yield a minimum of $250 for inside/out window cleaning. In these types of neighborhoods, I can distribute 60-75 per hour by myself, while taking the “long way” between houses (using sidewalks and driveways only, no grass). Between my wife and I, the goal is to distribute 250 per day which equates to about 5,000/month. This is totally separate from my EDDM efforts mind you.

For you doorhanger veterans who have tried and tested sample sizes over the years, what would you say is your average response rate? I define “response” as a homeowner contacted you via phone, e-mail, etc. and requested an estimate. Please don’t factor in all the bored old ladies who called to say, “Stop leaving this junk on my door”. I’m just talking about potential paying customers.

Out of all the responses you got, what percentage did you book?

I’m trying to be conservative here, so I’m going to hope for 0.005% response rate. (1 in 200 contact me for an estimate). That’s 25 out of 5,000 people who want an estimate each month. I’ll say I close 80% which is 20 new customers. At an average cleaning of $250, that’s $5,000/month in gross revenue.

Is this a fair guesstimate? I know there are a lot of variables (weather, timing, the actual offer I’m making, random good luck, etc.) but please give me some average/realistic expectations based on your experiences. Thanks in advance!

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I ran out of door hangers a while ago but when I was using them I had a better response rate doing 5 arounds instead of just canvassing neighborhoods.

5 arounds are the people that are most likely to know the person you were working for, most likely to speak with the customer you were working for, most likely to see your van in the neighborhood, most likely to see you working. Much better response rate as its more of a targeted approach.

Dont get me wrong, I had gotten plenty of work with canvassing but as we got busier we just didnt have time for walking around neighborhoods and the guys were much more willing to do 5 arounds than walk around after they finished their day.


That is a realistic response rate, and long as all your stars line up right.

I hope you guys have an even better response rate the that.


I’ve done a fair bit of door-hanging myself this year and had a similar response rate. Calls from door hangers I typically close a deal about 70% of the time. Your math adds up and as long as you keep up the distribution you’ll probably get enough calls to justify the effort.

Where it gets tough is maintaining the distribution when your schedule gets full. Personally, the last thing I want to do after cleaning windows for 8 or 9 hours is go walking around hanging flyers until the daylight is gone. That’s where methods like 5-around or “10 up 10 down” really do well. Once you get the business ramped up enough to be working every day, just drop the door hangers on ten or twenty houses closest to where you just finished working. The reason this works so well (I am told) is because advertisement works best with repeat exposure, and those neighbors can potentially get three types of exposure from just one of your visits.
1.) They see you cleaning their neighbor’s windows
2.) They find your flyer on their door
3.) They hear your client tell them what a good job you did

This repeat exposure can drastically increase the call rate from 1 in 200 to as high as 1 in 20. It gets even better if you can initiate personal contact by chatting with neighbors and passersby during your work day.


This year my door hangers yielded a new paying job for every 100 I hung.[quote=“BlackTieAustin, post:1, topic:40700”]
Between my wife and I, the goal is to distribute 250 per day which equates to about 5,000/month.

Isn’t a 5000-card EDDM something like $2500? Would you say both your wife and you hanging full-time is worth only that?

For me, doorhangers was a cheap way to start and i didn’t have anything else to do anyway (although i think canvassing storefronts woulda been better), but this year I’d rather have the post office do the gruntwork while i do actual paying jobs. I hope it works like I’m planning. :money_mouth_face:


nitpicking bastard reporting for duty sirs and ma’ams.

.005% of 5000 equals .25 of a response not 25
if you mean half a percent or 1 out of 200 that is expressed as:
.5% or
the percent sign indicates the number already is a percentage


I considered going there but decided I better leave it for someone like you


I dropped about 1000 door hangers last months . Got 1 call ($200, wants quarterly - $800/2017). so you might not get many calls if you just drop once . They have to see you consistently over time . Drop doorhangers same home every 2-3 months .

I’m not anticipating many calls in the first drop . I’m trying to build it up over the next 3-4 months , and hoping to start having the calls coming in once spring time .

Also , I need to start dropping some door hangers when I finish a job , that I gotta start working on .


Thats important “consistency” also have a “great offer” and a call to action.

In my city they had a ban on flyers,doorhangers ect. This year they revised the statue…


Holy crap! They built a statue about it?


You’re missing a “t” bro. Sorry for the smart ass remark


Its funny this area is slow to change and grow. Its nice to have friends in the city management office!

…like I said writing is not my strong point. :wink:

PS I wouldn’t expect you to be any other way!


in 2015 i put out about 4000 door hangers/ flyers, i got better than 1% if you include all the people that call 3,6,12,18 months later


It amazes me sometimes when I walk past my customers’ refrigerator and see a reminder card from three years ago or an old one attached to their calendar.


This is important right here. Think about the most successful businesses that advertise every day on television and radio? They are successful because they do not let you forget that they are still there - over and over. :wink:


In my city, people think “Deed Restricted Community” means “Private Road, Keep Out, No Soliciting, No Trespassing”.


Just contact your city and ask if there are any restrictions on doorhangers, flyers etc.
Normally its through permits and lic department if not they can get you into contact with the right person.


Exactly ! I always think about Coca Cola , Budweiser , Doritos , at the top and still advertise at the super bowl


Oh it’s perfectly legal I’ve already checked with a lawyer and the city. But pushing too hard to assert my rights seemed like cutting off my nose to spite my face. The residents just really don’t want me or anyone else walking around in their development, and they won’t encourage me to advertise in such a manner by calling. So that’s where my EDDM plan is going this year.


If a sub division has a sign up that reads “NO TRESSPASSING”, then no canvassing is included in that. If a sign reads “NO HANDBILLS” or “FLYERS”, then that is directly saying no, no matter that the law says door hangers are NOT soliciting. Best to go to the office or President of the sub division and see about getting in their newsletter. The charge to advertise helps them out and is cheaper than EDDM through the Post Office.