Door to Door Script


Good afternoon all,

Here’s my script;

Hello, Sir/Or Mam thanks for coming to the door.

My name is Nick the owner of Nick’s Residential Services. Currently, our Window Washing team is growing in this area and I was wondering if we could add you to the list of satisfied clients?


Not bad. I don’t do door to door (except storefront) but would probably ask if they’d like a free estimate.

It sure beats “I’m from the church of religious consciousness and I’d like to give you this flower. Would you like to make a donation?”



For your storefront work Jared - maybe something like this?

Hi sir/mam… I clean the other storefront windows along this strip… would you like me to add you in for a low price? (storefronts are usually pretty low?)


Then for residential… I thought about Hi Sir/Mam I’m Nick with Nick’s Residential Services…I have homes in this neighborhood that i clean the windows for… would you be interested in that service?

9/10 they will say they do it themselves, which your response could be - so did my other clients but they saw the value in taking that responsibility off their hands


Here’s my pitch and some of my tips.


Thanks for the share Jared. I like it. It’s kind of like the “giver’s gain mentality”.


Eh I just like to help people.


just make sure it’s legal in your area. in our city not only do you need to be licensed but there’s an additional permit to go door to door for sales