Don't Forget!


Don’t forget to either winterize your pressure washer or keep it indoors to keep it from freezing. It’s now getting below 32 degrees here in South Carolina so I run auto anti-freeze window washing fluid through mine, both the pump and the heating coils and hoses, to keep it from freezing. You can recyle the fluid and reuse it. It’s about 1000 dollars to replace heating coils, and at least 300 for a decent pump, so it’s well worth a few dollars of anti-freeze.

BTW - If it’s below 20, you probably need anti-freeze coolant, as window washing fluid is only anti-freeze’in to 20 degrees.


It just got cold here real quick. We are squeak one more week out and be done for the season next Friday. Then we will winterize…Brrrr


I figured on using RV antifreeze in mine. Also don’t forget to add some stabilizer to the gas tank or drain it.