Does WCR carry this wfp fitting


The red plastic fitting that connects into the push to fit for pole hose.


I know there’s probably a reason behind it, but why not chop off the fitting and connect the quick connect directly to the hose?


When it’s hot, the hose get soft and sometimes leaks.

Does it with all my hose brands.

This came on my new Gardiner ultimate and like them


Hose to stem adapter John guest pm250808s.


ahh! thats why mine leak. it been 115 here. thought it was just bad


Its a 3/8 OD Hose from Unger


We carry it for Unger hose connect


Wondering if the id of the push fit is same, sometimes slightly smaller

Order a couple to try

Thank you


Great fast service but not same , different size, bummed


Sorry, for sure not something we carry. A good plumbing store maybe but its a long shot.


Learned the hard way Unger and Gardiner use different sized fittings. After spending $50 on 2 of the incorrect parts I did locate what I needed.

12 for $22


can you share the link. as i also use gardner pole

with out rough high temps mine have been leaking and it’s annoying not horrible since being hot i soak my feet with water anyway


Your Gardiner supplier can get it in the US or here is part with link
GP 775

Red push-fit connector 5mm stem to 8mm barb


We executed you a full refund for the wrong part around 8am east coast time today.


I dropped the 2 items in mail.