Does the free downloads in the WCRA overlap with the downloads for the book


Hello @chris I was wondering if you feel it’s nessesary to buy the downloads with your book, or is most of them covered in the membership download area. Wanted to know before I make that decision. Thanks.


I’ll jump in here. They are different downloads then the membership downloads. I think there might be 1 or 2 postcards that are pretty similar but I’d say 95% of it completely different.The docs/sheets is all new material. Hope that helps! If you want me to send you a list of what’s included let me know.

PS Just a heads up in case you didn’t know - the book is available to read for free here. You can also purchase a paperback version, PDF or the downloads package here.


Thank you Jessica. You nailed it.


One last thing @Jessica I read the free version of the book. Can I buy the downloads only, or is the minimum price get you both.

Sorry for all the micro questions. I don’t want to be re buying things over and over. But at the same time trying to not spend more than I have two.

Appreciate your advice.


No worries! You can buy the downloads by themselves, you don’t have to buy the print book and downloads together. You can do that here: