Does anyone here use scrub daddy on windows?


I really like these I tend to pull them out more often then steel wool.
Any one else have any experience?


I’ve never even heard of these. I see it says when using it with cold water it stays harder and when using hot water it is softer. I’m guessing you haven’t had any issues with scratching using it either way? Also how do you compare it to 0000 steel wool as far as scrubbing ability?


Yeah it hanged it stiffness based on temperature. This was the most profitable item off of shark tank, has revolutionized the cleaning society. Go to any local hardware store or possibly target/fred Meyers and they should have them. Usually 9.99 for a 3 pk. Colors make no difference

I love them compared to 0000 steel / bronze . No I still keep 0000 with me as some times this can’t remove debris, might be because it gets a bit warm after awhile and I have to chill t down to make it stiffer, but that’s few and far in between and the winter has made this easier lol.

I’m a huge fan now. 96% scrubs daddy, 3% 0000 wool, and 1% with stainless blades - regular blades rust here in Oregon after 5 minutes.
Technically my stainless ones has yet to rust but the blade gets too dull.


Will it get sun baked orange chicken sauce off the window?

Can I harden it enough to throw like a ninja star at the next person who says “missed a spot?”


Actually yes to both of those. Scrub window with your stripper, and dunk or have pre cold (stiff)scrub daddy and rub it all over the glass and that sauce will come out.

Also the sponge works great to throw at a customer without leaving any damage.


Eh, I guess 1 out of 2 isn’t bad.


Depends on throwing before or after cleaning sauce maybe?