Do your storefront customers sign a contract?


I have 4 storefronts that I do and was wondering if I should have them sign a yearly contract. If so when would be a good time having to bring it up to them?


My good work and charming personality is the contract. Keeps 'em coming back for more, month after month.



build a strong relationship with them. take time to talk to them. do a little extra for them on occasion, a mirror, a countertop, a cooler door. that is your contract.


Yes we have contracts for every job we do Residential storefront commercial all of them.

Basically for us it helps us know what our workload is going to be so we have enough employees ahead of time to handle the workload.

We’ve had customers who cancel, very rare and when they do we don’t hold him responsible or anything. I think for the most part it’s mainly just a friendly contract if you want to put it that way.

We send our contracts out in February each year and we use them as kind of a threat in a way to lock in the dates that the customers have generally gone with because that is their preferred dates. So we use the contract as a way to say these your date’s sign a contract or your dates may not be available.

Never had someone who didn’t want to sign.


I will amend my statement by saying that with corporate accounts with multiple stores, yes, it is wise because they will usually honor it, thus preventing another company from sneaking in. But there are no guarantees.


I conquered the whole contract thing in the beginning and quickly learned that it works great for residential and commercial buildings but little storefronts, a little excessive and may even scare them off. Little family owned shops that barely make it at times aren’t going to like the word “contract” just what I have learned. Hope that helped.


not little storefronts… chains, corperate accou ts, residential- yes.

however, if i were planning to sell my business… id ask everyone for a contract/agreement- including small storefronts.


Jeff do you email your contracts to your clients or mail them?


Something noteworthy we just found out last week in a meeting that may apply to some of you: Our insurance company actually requires us to have a contract for all commercial accounts we do business with. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


That’s interesting… :thinking:


We email everything and everything is emailed in return back to us.


Jeff Thanks for the response.


Yeah no kidding. Been doing some accounts without a contract for many years. I am sure this is a very rare situation for most. We do go through an insurance broker instead of us dealing directly with the insurance companies and that may have something to do with it.