Do you use the flyers from WCRA or make your own?


Almost done with the website & got a new business phone. About to start working on property materials and was wondering how many use the templates.


I use the templates and then edit them to my own taste.


Can you order as many templates as you want for free? Having a hard time finding where to edit .


Hey! I can point you in the right direction! :grinning:

  1. Templates can be downloaded from Shop WCR - look under the Business Services section to see a full selection - There are hundreds of templates and yes, you can order as many as you want for free. There is no limit. Just make sure you are logged into your account so they show as free.

  2. Editing - you have two options for editing. First Option - you can do it yourself. Keep in mind you need to have Adobe Photoshop and the knowledge on how to use it of course. Second Option - you can pay us to do it through the Edit Service. Our graphic Designer can edit any of the templates on file. There is a cost associated with it. Check out that page for more info.

If you’d like to try editing it yourself let me know and I will message you some helpful links. I recommend downloading a free trial of Adobe Photoshop or Elements or a similar program before pulling the trigger to buy it. There is definitely a learning curve to using this type of software and editing the pieces. That’s not saying it can’t be done - I’m just giving you a warning lol.


Thanks Jessica, and everything she says is exactly correct. I have a small background in graphic design, and had access to Adobe Illustrator which is another great program to use.

OP: It is not easy to setup, yet at the same time, it can be very simple once you get the hang of it. Try the free version and edit a free template from here, and mess with it.


nah. Too close to All county which im sure runs/running alot of the same templates found on WCRA