Do I talk to much? Or what?


Anyway I’m here designing a shirt real quick for 20 bucks and was wondering what y’all think of these two options or should I change something. And which you think is better. Or do you guys just think these look like crap and I’ll never learn? IM KEEPING THE LOGO! lol thank you for your time.


Option 2 looks great. Dont overthink it.


I prefer Option 1. Having “Res & SF” on Option 2 seems kind of irrelevant, plus those words have smaller font.


What ever you choose @BlueLightning08 make the phone number larger then what it is, at least the size of the company name or bigger.

I like it simple…
“service offered” and “large phone number”


I go with “residential and commercial “ on the back of mine instead of “storefront”. Clearer for a customer.

Also, consider a call to action - “ask for your free quote”.


Also, I know you like the cartoons for personal reasons, but they don’t really convey EXACTLY what it is you do. Are you a janitorial company that also cleans windows? Carpet cleaning that does windows as well?

I made the same mistake on my first shirts - I understood what I was trying to convey, but people constantly asked if I installed or manufactured windows. They form their conclusion based on the artwork more than he wording.

Just a thought.


I like number 1. Yes on big phone number. Remember, people just glance at this. Don’t make them have to stand there and read you like a movie poster. Simple is best. Save complicated for literature. I like the art work. It’s fun and takes the hum drum out of the process. But…if you starve, change the art work. That’s a year two decision. For now, simple rules. I got five simple shirts to start with.


I’m actually in my fourth year of business.

So I guess I’m past year two lol.

Thanks for all the feed back. So far every nearly every single person who has seen my toons love them. And they have commented on which one is me and which one is my wife (she comes with me for quotes).

The cartoons are of a Squeegee and a window. I mean it’s pretty simple lol.

I’ll see what I can do with the phone number. I think I have everything at its largest and according to vista prints the name is at 96 font size and the number is at 120 font size … same font style. They limit my space on shirt.

Thank fully I’m not starving. My old shirt actually just got me another job last night but it was front facing, which I hate because no one knows what I do when I’m facing the windows. When our name was Squeak n Squeegee window pros I got the same question, do you install windows? Now for the last year we have been called Cleaning Experts and since I lost what I do. Not a single person this year asked me that stupid question. I always got. Oh you clean! Awesome, I see you do windows and gutters, do you also clean other things?

I had one person go, oh your a maid service… I know I’ll get a few more, but here in Oregon people seem to be just a tad bit smarter (not by much lol)

I agree clearer for customer reasons, that’s where I got blocked a lot… technically commercial is different from store front and I do way more store front then commercial.

I started simple it said


Then the wife said I don’t don’t like it. I’ll redo it and show y’all and see what you think.

Thanks again for all the feed back… I wish I could ask 1000 random people or my 100 customers what they think lol…


Updated shirts to better coney what y’all are saying?
I can still make the text bigger if needed.


The average person would have no clue what the characters on the front of shirt are. Need to tell them.

Depends who you are making the shirts for, yourself or the public.


I just want to ensure I’m getting this correct, I shouldn’t put my LOGO, my BRANDING, on any of my marketing material? I have gathered lots of feed back that helps redesign those cards, But i just can’t fathom why I should not brand myself, make a logo and make people get to know it…

If people stop to ask me who the characters are then awesome. What is so wrong with having them on the front? Please don’t take this as me not caring about what you awe saying. I’m trying to listen, i want you to express exactly why so i could be persuaded?

At its most basic use, a logo is a branding tool. The goal is to continuously expose people to it so that you’re top of mind for when they need your products or services. Apple’s logo is a perfect example–no matter where you see it you know it’s Apple. Any marketing materials are just not as effective without it, t-shirts included. Imagine seeing a giant Squeak and Squeegee Toon sticker, toy, bed sheets? OH THE THOUGHTS ARE ENDLESS! lol jk. mostly >: )


I know yay, it’s robert again!

Fonts have changed to be all the same and in TNR (basic but I can live with it). Services included, Phone number much larger, logo removed from back.

I tried I deleted he logo on front and I just can’t live without them on there. I just can’t. Thanks for all the other feed back. Worst case they are just $20 each. $40 is not that bad.


It’s just feedback @BlueLightning08, don’t worry about it bro. Do what YOU feel is right, its just fellow window cleaners giving constructive critism, sometimes you like it sometimes you dont. Window cleaners have always been rough around the edges a little bit in my eyes, but at the end of the day there’s always that brotherhood involved.
As for your branding, I see your vision. I personally would change the logo, but that’s just me. I re branded my business 3 times untill i found the perfect fit for me and my client base. Only way to know is to try bro. Goodluck, I do like the back of the shirts alot. Keep it simple or keep it real to who you are.


My opinion was not that you shouldnt add your logo but more nobody can identify your logo to your industry.

I would never assume that is a window and a squeegee and im a window cleaner.

If you need too explain what the images are i believe its bad.

You dont have the money or customer list to build a brand recognition off the logos.


Here’s my logic on this Robert. I understand branding and it’s purpose. However, we must look at everything from the eyes of consumers who have no clue. Looking at the front of your shirt, what are you telling me, the consumer? Maybe you came into my restaurant or are just at Walmart doing some shopping? I know the name on the shirt is Robert. But what do you do? I have no idea. What are the cartoons? No idea. If you bought the shirt at a thrift store, you might not even be Robert.

Now the back says a lot. Personally I don’t even need your phone number. What, am I going to quickly jot it down while behind you in line? Or even creepier, take a quick picture for memory? And if I run a dental office, am I storefront? I’m not a store. Will the manager at the steakhouse know he’s storefront as well? All of their vendors - landscapers, plumbers, electricians refer to them as commercial jobs. And don’t forget the call to action? What do you want me to do with the info I just learned from the back of your shirt while cleaning the sandwich shop? If you tell me to ask for a free quote, you are planting the thought in my mind that maybe I should get you to look at my house. In fact your telling me that you want me to.

My point is, don’t look at this through the eyes of a window washer who is trained in our terminology. Talk to the potential customer in simple terms that they are able to quickly process.


Your shirts will bring you in minimal work. For me it’s just to make me look professional.
I like Nunner one Phone numer bigger cause it just looks better bigger An if you do get work from it he bigger phone number helps. I guess.
I like Reaidnetial over storefronts just looks An sounds better.
Logo on back in the middle like ya have it
Logo on from not your name, but name of company with it …that’s it. JMO

I made the mistake of making my phone number to small. It looks better bigger r

I like your logo it works. I was going to go with a cartoon looking logo. I’ll post it later when I get home.


Thats just it. The cartoon logo can work, it’s all about placement


I know what your logo is, because you told me what it was. However, if you had not, it looks like a tooth brush and a glass of water at a distance. Without the squeegee being on glass, it doesn’t look like what you know it is.

Branding is something that is done repeatedly, and frequently. You know what the apple logo is, because you see it everywhere.

Solo ops are not good at branding and it’s nearly impossible as a S.O. to brand because of the monumental expense. Branding is done by large companies with deep pockets for advertising.

I wouldn’t tell you not to use the cartoon if that’s what you really like. But the guys have a point in that is doesn’t really convey to a potential client what you think it does.


More edits. Don’t worry everyone I’m not wasting time. I only spend like 10 minutes on it in between very important task and other task such as rest periods during my push up and sit up excercise.


this was almost my logo . Just couldnt pull the trigger on it . Cartoon was givin me night mares , so i played it safe

if you do back an front like that keep in mind it might cost you more per shirt