Do grocery stores such as Kroger let you come in at night to work?


I am about to bid on a kroger in my area that has quite a bit of windows for a newb like me. I would imagine right now at my speed they would take probably at least 4 or 5 hours. Does anyone know if grocery stores like this let you come in at night to do the work? I need all night probably especially till I get faster. I figured maybe they have employees working overnight etc.


I’ve always done them or seen them being done early before they actually open the doors or before they get busy.


If there open why not. Worse they can say is “hey can ya come earlier” .
Yes … ya don’t want to go therr when there crazy busy , but a grocery store for me has never been a stop I made an effort to get there early.
During the week as long it’s not s holiday it’s viable Just work smart wipe up good An nobody will bother. Unless ya get that one manager that wants to be a PIA.
Not to knock you being new you should get here early. The less people the better off your going to be. Once you get good An know how to move then go for it.
Get there early An start in the insides. An doors


They are open 6 am till 11 pm. I didn’t know if even with them being closed they would still let me in over night like they do with people who buff floors etc. I guess we will see. Overnight accounts are best for me becaue I have a day job right now. I called the corporate number and they gave me instructions to get on there vendor list so its not super likely I will get the job anyways.


Put the bid in, Sir. Then just work with your local store contact for time. Or maybe talk to local first, say you need their help as you are putting in a bid to do the windows. Try to establish some rapore…just talk to the manager and get a feel for who and what you are dealing with. Chat, smile, be yourself. Then you will see how helpful they are and after some weather and sports talk, ask when would be the best time to do the windows. Go through the motions, follow through and learn what it might take to land a Corporate. Who knows, you might be able to snag multiple stores if you can get your toe in the door. Let us know how it went. I’ll be taking notes. :grinning:


Jonathan, Night hours vary. Some stores have stockers working a midnight shift. Some stock all day during the day. Like I said, don’t project. Go talk to the store manager in person. They are human and…put pants on one leg at a time. Communication is needed at your local level. Remember, these folks deal with vendors all day long. Go talk to them, get out of your comfort zone. You will survive. Try. Try. Try. :slightly_smiling_face:


Talk to the manager about available times for your time frame to get the job done.


nightshit manager will let you in for sure . we start at 4am at kroger when we have to do freezer and milk doors