DIY - WFP RO/DI Multi-Stage Setup Squeak N' Squeegee Style


Okay good I thought so. I saw some people had the. Time in center and the permeate on outside same tank and is as thinking I had it wrong. They must have a slightly different tank style or membrane


is this thing up and running now


Yes all except the RO membrane, Winter is here and I was so scared to putting that in and watching it get wasted as i dont use it often enough yet, or it’ll get moldy/foul! UPdate coming as the weather warms back up!


It’s an exhausting build if you ask me, but I think it also doubles as an oilfield fracing unit.


Well, good thing your not using it, it’s actually not much larger (bulky) or heavier than the other RODI systems as a whole. And it cost 1/3-1/2 the price as others, also filters more out- a bit over kill-. And I had so much fun building it and learning so so so much about reverse osmosis and dionization!!

I don’t see how your comment was productive. I prefer to run my business the same way I live my life. With kindness and respect for others, humility, courage, and strength.

But thanks for the bump!


Have you had a chance to field test it yet @BlueLightning08


Only on two locations prior to the freezing that has followed.

I have to wait 3 months now to play with it more. I keep pulling it out every other day and using to to quickly wash my house windows right at about 45-55 degrees :confused: just so it doesn’t foul on me

WFP newbie setup help

Can you post how it’s going for you? I’m thinking about trying to create my own system.