DIY - WFP RO/DI Multi-Stage Setup Squeak N' Squeegee Style


I check my TDS at least twice during the job to ensure I am not creeping up on my TDS. It only takes a few seconds. Much less time than having to rewash half the glass, IMO.


Okay someone please tell me that they know For a fact without a doubt if the psi rating on the filmtec ro membranes are the minimum or the maximum psi?


I have found this directly on the website for the creator of the membrane.

Dow/Filmtec Thin Film Composite Membranes are common replacements for a wide variety of Reverse Osmosis Systems. Spiral wound, thin film composite membranes offer better rejection of dissolved solids, can operate at lower pressures and produce more water faster than other types of membrane construction. Rejection rates of 99% are standard.

Available in Tap Water (Treated water supply), Brackish Water (Untreated ground or surface water supply) and Seawater models. For tap water applications, Chlorine filters should be used prior to the membrane for increased life. Contact us for options.

Extra Low (XLE) and Low Energy (LE) membranes can operate at lower input pressures than standard membranes.

I think im okay but im emailing them to be sure.


What’s the link for the one you got?


Okay I just got off the phone with DULTMEIER and they say the membranes listed as MAX PSI…

then item Thin Film Reverse Osmosis Filter Membrane, Tap Water, 4" x 40", 2400 GPD @ 225 PSI
Filmtec Filters
Item #: EPETT11
Unit Price: $263.00/EA

it opens a separate catalog!

Im going to call DOW/Filmtec myself… They guy i got off phone with, was just reading from the same catalog lol!


This is for the membranes labels as 225psi

Thanks for your email Robert. The membrane that was ordered has a maximum operating pressure of 300 psi. The industry standard, and our spec’s, call for an input operating pressure between 180-200 psi. We have found this is a good balance between efficiency, water usage, and durability. Lower pressures as little as 100 psi can be used however, the production rate will be decrease and the reject water will increase. I Hope this helps with your questions. If not, we can also be reached by phone to discuss.


The one I was gonna get was the axeon hf5 membrane, but that was because most the systems out there use it, and it’s proven for wfp systems. I guess the only way you’ll know is by trying it.


Agreed but from here on end I’ll most likely just buy the membrane and resin from WCRA


Another picture update for fun!
Gotta buy some fastening component cut things down, spray paint the. Add battery then weigh it lol. It looks a little large right now only because I have thins puzzled together to ensure I had everything. I’m pretty sure I have everything hooked up right.

The ro only needs a waste water line connected with a valve correct?


You’ve been busy.

How’s the balance? When using a dolly as a base it can get too back heavy, naturally wanting to tip backwards.

Particle board will swell when wet, be sure type of wood won’t absorb water.



Agreed this current wood is garbage it’s an old entertainment center made of compressed or particle board, I cut down awhile ago. If used it would be destroyed in days. I have some plywood or might go buy some aluminum sheets from ace hardware I get real good pricing and they cheap anyway.

However, do you think spray painting them particle board would do anything? I’ll have some left over after I spray dolly blue.

After I get my new utility canopy after taxes next year I’m going to most likely attach this inside my truck canopy to the walls. No I won’t get a tank that throws off my driving. Lmao.

Yeah I been so busy doing a lot of stuff. Trying to further my business, intellect , and wisdom.

Had lots of business till in which is great. Now I only have my store fronts scheduled. And a few prospects of gutter cleaning. So I gotta go out and push but I’m working ace next 3 days and then Halloween/my wife’s birthday on same day… and she is such and evil *itch…


I’m also going to be having it lay down just like this when I’m use and stored in truck. Only pain will be lifting it out. But as long as it weighs under 100lb with battery… lol I may be doing battery /pump separately.


a hose in pole fella are ya?
I prefer it on the outside, nothing worse than trying to extend it and a hose snags.


Hose in pole here.


Theres a marine grade paint that would protect any wood from water damage. I found it recommended here, of course, and found it at a local boat dealership. Will be used on my trailer floor.


Line-X. More expensive but a much better product (and it has a warranty).


Yeah I have the univalve, and I will only be doing up 3rd story. - second story with those hidden houses that say 2 stories but contain 3rd story sections.

I mostly will use it on my massive store fronts I have right now, save me some time and get me lots and lots of practice. I’ll send you a picture later of the round table and ace hardware stores I clean, you would go, oh that is great practice canvas lol. My house is a duplex with 8 panes of glass.


I’m trying to use up this old crap wood before I use my nice plywood or go buy more wood.

What if I sprayed it with some truck bed spray I have left over, wouldn’t that protect the crap would from damage and waterproof?


Products like line-x work better for this application.


Well and city pressure are not that high. Typically wells are at 40 or 50 PSI.

In other words, you will be rejecting a TON of water and producing little RO water. Once you use the membrane, you own it. That’s a lot of money to spend to end up deciding that it isn’t gonna work for you.

And remember, when storing your membrane in the off season (after you have installed and used it) you have to add RO protect or the membrane will grow algae. If that happens, you ruined you RO membrane. Then it’s time to buy another membrane (which costs more than a cubic foot of resin).