DIY RO/DI or buy a bundled kit?


Hey all,

Im just starting out on my own and wouldn’t mind getting some feedback on my DIY RO/DI system its in rough shape but this is what i was thinking of doing, struggling between buying a prefab system or DIY.

water source feeds into.

1x 2.5x10" sediment filter
1 x 1" In/Out | No Pressure Relief | #10 Big Blue Filter Housing

1 x AMI Extruded Carbon Filter, 10" Big Blue
1 x 1" In/Out | No Pressure Relief | #10 Big Blue Filter Housing

RO Filter
1 x 4"Dia.×40"L PVC Membrane Housing
1 x 4" x 40" CTA RO Membrane, 1000 GPD

bypass option to WFP

DI Filter
1 x Empty Refillable Filter Cartridge for 20" Big Blue Housing
1 x 1" In/Out | No Pressure Relief | #20 Big Blue Filter Housing
some kind of DI RESIN

1 x Aquatec Delivery Pump, 1 GPM

need good sources for things i may be missing. also should add my avg TDS is 155ppm



@John or @Josh


Well with a brand you get a warranty and years of experience backing it and
24/7 customer support from me. With a DIY you are on your own.


links for your products?


If you’re tight on money and have lots of free time build your own, it’s not very hard. If you have the money and want to save some time and have peace of mind when things might go wrong go with the xero pure.


The set up i have up there is priced around $700 , add in hosing, fittings , the cart and time and effort im probally going to be around $1200. BUT this system has capable of doing 1,000 gpd.

If i was to purchase a 1,000 gpd system im looking at $3,000 plus? which makes me want to DIY

i love a good waranty but the stress of starting out 5k in debt kinda scares me a little. esp since its already mid august.



i built my own and i’m happy with it, it’s simple enough that it doesn’t have many points of failure and those it does are easy to fix. it cost me ~$1000


If you are on a budget and want an RO/DI - I can’t recommend this enough -

Super simple, four stages of filtration - Shipped to your door FREE - $919.00 Total.

Totally plug and play. Take it our of the box plug your pole in one end the garden hose on the other end.

Biz Bang Boom - Your in business


this probably what i would have gotten if i didn’t already have the unger di unit