DIY Ladder Ratchet Sytem - strap down your ladders safely, securely & quickly


Don’t want to spend thousands on a pre-built ladder rack ratcheting system? Then build it yourself !


I like the idea of a cooler having a stationary spot in the van, do u buy ice each day for it?

I have that same step ladder, its so light and comes in handy for anything.


Who is this guy?!? :rolleyes:
Surely not a member, he must be a typical spammer…

Nice to see you, I liked the joke about “having trouble the last time.”
(with the straps- I remember)

You are missed around here, man!!!


Always the innovator. The cooler is a must have.
I can’t get over how organized you are . Very inspirational !!!

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Thanks for sharing Jesse.


Hope you come back Jesse, and spend some time…
You ARE missed around here.

Great F-ing guy, y’all! :cool:


thanks J :slight_smile: I’ve been super busy (like yourself) customers are booking appointments for next year because they had to wait a month to get on the schedule this season. Next step: hiring employees. I’m sort of dreading this stage because I only want someone who will work as hard as I do.

I’m happy to share all my trade secrets, though. It’s not 1 or 2 things that make a great window cleaner -it’s a million little things added together.


Yeah, and the thing is, even when/if you find someone who works as hard…

They are the ones who go all ‘furious frenzy’/ ‘look at me go’ working,
and not the ‘lets think about why this works better than that.’

It’s such a fine line between a fast worker, a hard worker, a steady worker, and a slow worker.
I feel your upcoming pain, my man.


[video][/video]. We feel for ya CapeCodCleaner…


Hahaha, you’re right J about not needed frantic action. This job is hard enough to do, day in & day out, at just a steady efficient pace. No need to be auditioning for world’s fastest window cleaner LOL.

I think the key is to find someone who will stick around for a few years since it takes awhile to really get proficient t this job. Its hard to get anywhere with constant turnover.

Sad to say, but middle class suburban kids typically don’t want to do this job.


No shit, craziest thing just happend to me. About two weeks ago I met a Young window cleaner close to my area that’s been cleaning windows three years. He’s not the fastest but his Windows are clean. We’ve been working together on larger jobs the last two weeks and surprisingly THIS is working out. I’m starting to think this area has met a power team. We’re ready to close deals…


Where did all of your videos go?