Disappointing News - Grind continues


Hey guys n gals. I was super excited about next year. I thought that I had about 15 thousand(the most I was willing to use) coming my way to invest into my business and due to miscommunication, this isn’t happening. I have money in a pension and was told it is given to me once I left. The part that I didnt know, was after it reaches 11,000, it gets locked by the government and only available at 55 years old.

I had planned on so many changes. Logo, WFP , website, vehicle wrap, a new computer, advertising, etc…oh and Disneyworld for the family.

I still plan on going full time(at least I’m hoping) but damnnnn my heart lol.

It is what it is and the grind must continue. I just wanted to share the pain but nothing is going to stop the dream. I just have to come to terms that I won’t grow as fast as i hoped.

I know a lot of you have dealt with painful situations, many that have caused huge losses. It is all a part of the battle and shows that the road to “self success” is never usually an easy one.

I have been through a lot in my life so it won’t knock me down. It is great to have a place to talk even if no one does listen lol. Those who do thanks! Either way, life goes on and when the time is right, it’ll all work out.


At least you’ll have that when you’re 55.

You got this man. Be patient. It will come to you.


Thanks brotha! Very true about the 55 thing. At least there is some retirement money saved.


Sorry for the let down. Agree with Thor. Hang tough , this is a marathon brother. It will come !


Thank you! That’s it, a marathon and I just hit a few speed bumps. That finish line will come :slight_smile:


Peaks and valleys. When we go down into the valleys we appreciate the peaks even more.


What would you say is top priority for you?

Feel you man.


Just means that you have to go back to your business plan and chip away.
Logo - can actually be done fairly cheaply, do you have a vocational school near you? It could be a contest for their graphics class, offer $50 for the best design and you get a digital copy of it.

WFP - Traditional for now and put 10% of each job in the savings account; before you long you will have it paid for.

Website - Not a deal breaker as traditional exposure will just as easily get you found. Internet is just an additional way.

Vehicle Wrap - Get door magnets at a reduced cost; you’re still getting attention. I use door magnets and last week two times I was approached for a business card.

New Computer - Look into refurbished or faster ones than you presently have until you gain some profits.

Advertising - Do what you can, repeat, grow.

Disneyworld - Huge expenditure for fun, don’t think about it and do affordable recreation.

Get the book Profit First


@Bubble_Guy thanks, top priority i would have to say will be advertising. If I continue doing full time next year, I need customers!


logo- great advice, thank you. I may do that or stick with what I have for now. It isn’t a priority now that funds are diminished.

WFP- I hope to have enough to invest in a starter kit. I won’t want to do all traditional full time but I will if I have to.

Website- I am going to continue to use my own. But I need to put in hours and redo some. That will save a lot there.

Vehicle wrap - I have a magnet. It has gotten me work! I think that I will try to invest in some lettering at least.

Computer- refurbished for sure now! I was hoping to get a good one for PC gaming and video editing but I should be able to find a decent one still :slight_smile:

Advertising - A MUST. I need to gain those customers. But, advertising can be decently inexpensive so I should be good.

Disneyworld- Honestly, I may have to suck it up and still go. I’m saving hard now and this is something I have promised for years. It’s time. Kids are at the right age and it is something we all really want. I’ll be going the cheapest way possible now though, which is ok with me(hopefully we can go).

Profit first- a book that always comes up on these forums. I really do need to invest time to read it. Thank you.

Thanks guys for the replies and encouragement!


My all traditional cleaning eventually paid cash for my WFP system. I still clean windows with both methods as needed. :wink:



Get a new logo made cheap from Fiverr. But remember, a new logo won’t guarantee more work, more hustling will. :wink:

WFP isn’t something you need to grow. It’s something you need if you have more work and opportunities coming than your ability to get it all done so using a faster method like wfp would make it happen.

Going full time is something you should plan for by securing enough work to support it. Trying to find funds to allow you to go full time is very hard. Figure out how much income you would need from window cleaning per week to match or better your current situation then work your way backwards. Example: If you’d need $1500 a week to meet or better your current situation, divide that by the amount of your average job. So let’s say your average house gets you $200. You’d need to do 8 or more house a week. Figure out how you can get 8 houses or more done in a week. What’s stopping you now? Lack of time or lack of prospects? Work on fixing that. Same applies for commercial and route work.

Take advantage of all cheap or free forms of advertising. When I first started I told my wife, “if you want me to succeed in this venture, I need your help. Here’s a stack of fliers, let’s go!!” Kids out of school for the summer? Hey, come help daddy pass out fliers once or twice per so we can be a success and take vacations to Disney World. :wink: Free Kijiji and Craiglist ads every week. Sure you get some low ballers but damn I got some really good ones too…along with their family members.

Vehicle wraps aren’t necessary, just get a decent sign on the sides and back of vehicle. Window cleaning and phone number in BIG LETTERS. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and doesn’t come off as preachy.



I absolutely appreciate your time to reply. None of that came off preachy. All constructive for me. I will be using big lettering instead of a wrap. That’s 1 thing for sure. Kijiji and craigslist is also great. I will use those.

Income- I will be finding a part time evening job. Hopefully just 2 nights a week(no weekends) if possible. That will help.

Hustling is for sure. It will be the only way to survive and my fiance knows that she will have to help out. Especially answering phone calls and office work. The kids would love to hand our flyers!

Thanks brother!