DI tank on its Side


I got my DI tank today. Unfortunately I miscalculated and it doesn’t stand upright in the back of my vehicle. :confused: I just wanted to get some information. Why do they say not to store it on its side? Would it be okay at a 45° angle? I’m also thinking that the black base it has I might be able to cut down enough for it to fit, I don’t know. Wanted to put it on a trolly, so the base wouldn’t really be necessary, would it?


If the tank is upright, the weight of the stacked DI reduces the chance of water finding the easiest route through ‘chanelling’. On its side the mass of the DI resin in the vessel is less and channels will tend to form which reduces the time the water is exposed to the resin.

If the tank is well filled and tamped down however it can be made to work. At 45 degrees the problem is lessened.

To test the above try putting resin in a clear filter vessel with a foam filter to stop the resin escaping and you will see the channels form.


When I used tanks, I would lay these down in the bed of a truck to transport but for use they stood up. Did it this way for 2 years had no issue.


Okay, I understand channeling, but does that mean I can’t STORE it on its side in my car? I was planning on using it upright,in it’s just transporting it in my car that’s the issue, Can i not just put some water through it and give it a shake before every use?


Oops, opened a reply and then got distracted and didn’t see your response until i replied! That’s what I needed to know, I should be good to go then! :blush:


Yes tamp it down a few times. All good.

Ths is why the Unger Hydropower is so good. It feeds from bottom to top. I use the single one. Very compact and super fast resin change.



Its fine to transport your di tank on its side, just stand it for storage and when your using it. The water pressure will put the resin in its place when your using out as long g as its standing up. That’s just my experience.


Maybe Shawn Gavin or someone that does this stuff everyday can chime in on but I remember distinctly that there are 2 types of di tanks; mixed bed, and layered bed.

One of those, don’t remember which, you actually CAN use while on its side.

Ring a bell with anyone?


I hadn’t heard of that, but like I said, my concern was transportation, and I’m so relieved that I don’t have to worry about that! I would have been so upset if I couldn’t fit it in my car! Hahaha! Would love to hear about this other type of tank though, that could be very useful information for sure!


I have mixed bed in my tank, its funny when I think about it a few months ago I took out the crate that holds the tank still in the car and was driving around for a few days and it kept falling over and getting tossed about the interesting thing was the TDS was starting to rise it had gone up to about 6 so I thought 1, 2 maybe 3 more small jobs before a resin change would be due. After it was laying down and tossed about for a short time the resin went back to 000 and lasted for 12 more jobs.


I think that is due to channeling…when the resin channels not all of it is being used so when you shake it up, it mixes and lesser used resin is now used…giving a better reading.


Channeling also happens allot when using lower pressures…


You can use mixed bed tanks on thier side its just not ideal for the way the system works and you shouldn’t do it for a long time. The main issue is the water forming a " river/ tunnel" through the resin and not properly flowing through all of the resin on its way out of the tank like its supposed to.


I was told by Culligan if I was to rent their tank, they can not be on side or at much of an angle, because the resin will move and the tank will be worthless. If you rented the tank than best is to ask them, or ask the company you bought it from. I see everyone else saying it is ok but as far as I know the rented tanks can not be laid over. I do agree with them if you were to buy tanks that have bags in them you fill yourself when tied at the top. But if your resin gets out of its location and starts to go through the output, you will have trouble.


Update. Apparently I miscalculated my miscalculation, and the tank does in fact stand up in my car. So, I went to Menards and after some looking around I came up with this:

Long story short, it stands up in my car but it is a little tippy. I am thinking about returning the cart I got in favor of a nice heavy duty one that barely even costs more ($35 vs $25) and just having it lay down anyway. However, due to the way my car seats lay down, when I lay my tank down on the cart it may be tilted slightly downward, like the machine head will be the lowest point by a little bit. Would THIS cause problems? I don’t know exactly how this tank works, but most of them take the water up from the bottom of the tank, so unless this works differently it shouldn’t be a problem or any different than it just laying on it’s side right? I was just using common sense here, but I had to ask in case I was wrong about how it works. It’s the 3/4 tank from WCR.


Just load the tank the opposite way so the head is up.


Not that simple, if I load it that way it’s way too difficult to get in and out. If I REALLY had to do that I could, but if it wouldn’t be any different then why would I cause myself unnecessary pain?


It might be different. Horizontal is one thing. Upside down might not be good. Only one way to find out.


The DI tank on the XERO Pure RODI system is ‘upside down’ so must be fine





Just make sure the DI is well compacted before use.