DI tank help


I have a ez pure mini wfp and 3/16 hose I believe. What sort of attachments do I need to be able to hook up a garden hose to this di and my 3/16. The opening on this di is a little bit bigger than my 3/16 hose.


Carefully remove those fittings from the head, take a trip to a decent hardware or plumbing store, you will be able to find the pipe threaded to garden hose threaded fittings. Get good brass ones, tape them up good and leave them in the head. Couldn’t hurt to get a good set of brass quick connects as well that way your’e not constantly threading in and out when you set up and break down, that gets tedious fast.
Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot, do you have any hose reels for wfp hose that I can mount to my truck?


a basic reel is all you need. nothing heavy duty is really required since its so lightweight. i have about 500’ on my reel thats about 150’ 3/8" hose and the rest wfp hose. plus i have another 100’ black hose. you can see i can get several hundred feet more on my wfp hose reel. but i dont need it so have it on a cheap electric chord reel for when i really need it.

if i went with an all new rig and wantes everything matchjng and pretty then id do the cox reels


I just starting using Banjo fittings … highly recommend them. There awesome !!!


what are those




They also have the yellow ones which are standard hose thread image


Anyone have a guide on how to build me a Diy RO for my di? Thanks a lot for the help. Got it all set up and working today


Mike did you know the first Simpole used those for clamps. It was a sectional pole.


I’m sure it was better than the metal tucker poles with the wing nuts


Yes it was also IPC used them on there sectional pole


No drips, Easy connection !!

These Banjo fittings are great