Detail towels


Hey guys i need some help i try google but couldnt find anything. Do you guys know if Shop towels are good for detailing?


No. Huck’s AKA surgical towels or scrims or nothing.


Get these for detailing


and these for cleaning frames and other dirty work



Ok awesome thank you so much guys


Thank you steve


Nothing? the heck can he detail with nothing?


He first has to make a pilgrimage to the UK and seek out a man who goes by the name polznblades. Then if admitted to the school and after years of rigorous study and when he learns how to walk the rice paper without tearing it then he will know the secret to detail-less cleaning.


Don’t need two separate type of towels. For sure try different types to see what seems to work for you but can’t see the benefit personally.

I also only carry what is needed, one squeegee, one applicator daily, less is better for me.


What size?

Huck towels work fine, but I always carry a damp microfiber on my belt for the heavier smudges.


18", less movement, less swipes, work efficiently saves time per window.

Always see guys over squeegee a window with under sized squeegee.

More movements/turns to complete a window also increases the chance for hacks and lines.



18" channel which handle?

Edit: found my answer…


Ok awesome great tips thank you so much


Last step … take pebble from hand !


We use a microfiber towel to wipe the frames, wipe the squeegee rubber and other dirty work. The hucks don’t stand up to the abuse that microfiber does so we save money keeping them separate and only using hucks for detailing glass and doing mirrors etc…


Another thing to remember is do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets when you wash and dry your towels. The residue will give you fits as you try to detail the glass.


Doesn’t the microfiber get too soaked with water? I mean I been using terry cloth on the frames and they seem to last longer than microfiber


That’s the beauty of microfiber: it sucks up a ton of water. It’s perfect for sills and spills. Just ring it out and keep going.


That’s problem I have with them. After you ring them out you have a wet towel that smears everything around afterwards


ring it out more…don’t use on glass


Not on glass just the frames.