Yes. Usually 48 hours, unless it’s a multi-day job scheduled far off, in which case I require a week’s notice.


I don’t take deposits , but I confirm 2 days before. Hardly have people canceling. When they do at least I have 2 days to fill the slit which usually isn’t a problem. Otherwise I would start taking deposits.
I don’t see a problem with doing it. It’s very simple if this is what you decide to do. We need a deposit to save the date. I really don’t see anyone who is serious about having there windows cleaned giving a hard time with this.
If they do then there not serious. Weeds out the pretenders for you.


I only do it if I’ve never met the customer and they won’t be there for the cleaning. The one to buy the frame bending tool was an exception to how I do face to face deals with customers. That thing will pay for itself toot sweet.


i’m here at my inlaws for Christmas. i asked them what they’d think if a service company asked for a deposite to schedule. my father in law said he’d be looking for another company. he’s never heard of a service company asking for a deposit and neither have i.


Lots do I don’t not really a problem but makes sense if it is


I did it when I was booked solid. Nothing worse than a cancellation, especially when they cancel because they found someone on craigslist or groupon to do it for beer. If and when it gets busy again, I’ll take them again.

If they plan to use you, they’d be paying you the same way what difference does it make really? I don’t see any imo.


Both times I asked for a deposit were different circumstances. If I get another no see um customer I’ll do the same.


In my market, you aren’t going to get a resi to pay a deposit unless you are putting money into materials. Even on larger post construction cleans, no deposit. But now if you were doing solar screens or something, that would probably fly here.

Commercial, you aren’t getting any deposits. My neighbor does HVAC, and said that’s why he got out of doing a lot of work with construction companies. He’d have 10k+ in equipment he bought, and would have to wait until the contractor paid him before he got any money. He didn’t like floating out that much and waiting to be paid, as it’s a lot of money. That’s just how it works here.

Getting a deposit on a new resi? People just won’t do that here. If I am not confident in someone who calls, I require to meet them face to face in the estimate stage to feel them out. My policy is, life happens, You are going to get cancellations sometimes. However, if you cancel more than once, you need to find someone else.


Another reason why I don’t request a deposit is the weather and my own ability to deliver. We had the wettest year ever recorded, and my schedule book looks like a 2nd grader tried to draw a map of Europe. We had to reschedule dozens of times and move people around constantly. Couple that with my health not being the best and wrestling with the schizo VA system, makes for a stressful year.


As part of some of the bids that we participate in one of the requested documents is a credit check on our company just to make sure we can pay employees, wont go bankrupt without finishing the job, etc.

Large commercial it is common to be awarded a job, pay employee wages for a weeks until completing the job just to wait another 30 days to be paid by customer.

When getting into this type of work it does take either credit or money in the bank along with more financial responsibility and planning.

It sure is nice to deposit a $30,000. Check


What do you use for your invoice sent to allow them to pay with her card I’m looking for something to be able to do the same thing thank you


Currently HouseCall Pro. Looking to make a change this year. It can be done with many different invoicing programs.


Customer factor is another good one that has credit card payment right on the emailed invoice. It goes through square.


Did a search on hcp and tcf on here a lot of chatter. I’m liking tcf concept! Definitely going to use one of the two.


I haven’t asked for deposits but I do onsite estimates and almost always set them up for face to face interactions. I don’t reschedule for rain and I try to remember to tell people.


This deposit went to pay for this bad boy.

I’m surprised by the amount of screen shops in my area that don’t have a frame bender. If anyone here is in the Phoenix valley and needs arches made, I’m your huckleberry. I’ll even leave room for you to make money in the deal…