Deck Glass Project


Deck glass window cleaning project in Bainbridge Island, Washington

image image


Looks great! !


Thanks Jonny Boy


I had to click on this, I was thinking what the hell is a glass deck…
Balustrades is what they are called.

But hey great job.


okay mr anal,


an since your being so anal, i said deck glass not glass deck but any way doesnt matter to me


man that tile is filthy




Good work !! Nice contrast pictures.


thanks for the kind words Jeff


Great job! Jeff is right, contrast between photos is nice.


Thanks Bro.


Look great! We call it deck glass also. Maybe it’s a Washington thing haha


Deck glass, deck panes, balustrades, whatever. Good looking finished product. I love doing these. simple to do and make bank on them.


thanks for not being a jerk lol


i had a house out on a ridge not too long ago that had 7 big balustrades. the customer said she had never seen them look so clean after we were done with them.


good job man, keep up the great window cleaning methods


You need to get waiver signed for the results. Someone is bound to walk into it! :joy: Glass is so clean it’s dangerous!


haha, that was Classic :grinning:


I have a couple customers with those, typically tempered. Frustrating when you can’t scrape those nasty ones that have fines.

Oh that tile though, really needs a good softwash.