Dawn or Joy


what is better dawn or Joy


dawn glass & gleam 4 1/2 and 1/2 in bottle


Either is as good as the other… But, once the suds are gone the cleaning power is done too. Refresh soap and water.


I found ecover as the best during my short time.


Personal choice Dawn and ammonia. Good old sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and not more than 1% sodium hydroxide. Joy uses a slightly different chemistry. It doesn’t give me the same kind of glide.





Dawn platinum and ammonia. Everything else just can’t compare imo. :grin:


does ammonia damage wood that has been stained??


drys it over time! but most soap does that if there is Sun hitting the edge.




Dawn and Joy are both made by the same company. For all we know the only difference between the two is the scent and color. When I use dish soap I use Joy just based on the fact that I like the lemon smell


I prefer dawn because the little ducky on the bottle.


1/2 Dawn 1/2 GG4 works great


I find Dawn slides better.


Hey brock, good to see ya man ! Lol.