Dark shadow marks from customer's scraper


Just took this photo. Looks clean as can be but there are shadow marks on the insides from the customer scraping off tape. He would wet with windex.

Glass felt grippy. I used a magic eraser wet and didn’t even touch it.

They weren’t scratches, almost more like burn marks.

Any idea as to what it is?


i don’t see anything


I know.


Could be plastic that was rubbed hard onto the glass from the handle/body of the scraper.
That or something rubber that was rubbed hard onto the glass.

I don’t see the marks either, but is what likely happened.


TBH is sounds like a low E coat exposed surface, the grippy feel and the shadow type marks a 5% hydrochloric acid mix should remove the markings if this is the case.


Thanks Steve. That has a ring of truth to it.


I will go with the Low E coating. Take an LED flashlight and look at the reflections of the little bulb. If a single plate you will have two reflections. If a Low E coating they will be of a different hue. If I could have contact with it I could tell you for sure. But razors typically do create what you describe if used on a Low E surface.



All I see is all that alcohol…