Dangerous Access Windows


Just curious how you all would handle this situation? Metal roof, moderate pitch, dusty pollen all over it, super high off the ground. We’ve been doing this house for 7 years so what we do is set up the ladder and then lug the WFP up there and pole off the ladder which is only slightly safer than walking up. We walked it one time when the house was built and that was the post construction clean. Just wondering what others might do.


Everything you said except swap wfp for Excelerator 10inch set to 10 degrees. 8’ pole.


I don’t think there’s a lot of options there…I would just put a ladder up and pole it off the ladder . Kinda annoying to do a lot that way . In my younger days I don’t doubt I would have walked it.


Pole from the ladder. Pollen on a tin roof is slick. Either WFP or trad pole.


Exactly what you did.



Depending on the length of your wfp.

Angle adaptor between brush and wfp so you can step back and extended your wfp and have a more direct line from brush to glass. Then you can pole from the ground.


A 45 to 50’ would do the trick, lift the pole over your head standing back some and use the momentum to clean with…have you tried that big Steve?


If no WFP , stick it squeegee, An strip washer ,Then green pad it … done !


I just purchased a goose neck for my WFP to attack this type of scenario. That roof is longer than I would like but I think a good goose neck would take care of it.


I have a 35’ Facelift and it’s unwieldy when it’s fully extended. It will reach those windows but with a huge arc and the pole is kinda resting on the edge of the roof.


Ah. I should’ve figured you’d have tried it already.


Right now I would WFT from ladder.
For construction cleans in scenariors like this I used two ladders, one where your is, the other spanning the roof, planted on higher roof edge ( more drastic angle!!!) I climbed the lower ladder to get to the roof and then walk the roof holding on to the ladder rungs above you. Yes, dangerous, but not not as dangerous as walking that roof without anything at all. You have to get a helper to foot your ladders. You can also attach a small anckor to the siding to rope off as you are cleaning that window.


That is a pickle. I have a similar, no fun x2. I am researching and racking my brain trying to out think fine engineering like that. Keeps our pro life interesting.

Looks simple enough just to hop out there, but still have to work with short pole to reach upper corner, so it’s poling, and not as good as NTG. So I am brain storming too. Have fun, stay safe.


First off, your ladder would be much safer using stand offs…they’re cheap. Sometimes in these situations I look at how much I am charging. Let’s say $6 per pane. So is it worth risking my safety for $3. But since you’ve been doing this house for a long time, you keep doing what you’ve always done.