Damaged glass waiver


Ok I need to look at more examples of damaged glass waivers or need some advice of where to purchase one or pick one up. I need to find one that I feel comfortable using and that fits with my company.


You need to take a waiver as a sample and make adjustments that work for you. Then have an attorney in your area check it over to make sure it covers you well. You could look at hundreds of waivers and never find one worded just like you want.


Okay I wasn’t sure if WCR Had a sample? I happened to see the video at the top thanks for the link.


They have one available for members.


Here’s a thread with at least one example from the past. [URL=“http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/residential-window-cleaning/10291-preexisting-conditions-waiver.html”]



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