CVS doesn't want to consider a bid


Stopped into CVS…told they would love to have their windows cleaned…some of the dirtiest I’ve seen on a pharmacy, I was told, basically the can’t spend money on anything extra. Maybe it’s just this location or this region. Anyone else seeing this at your CVS?


Hmm, CVS is actually the most recent commercial job I’ve received. I was cleaning windows at a Kroger and a CVS employee took my info. Soon after, the manager called me and now I’m there every 4 weeks, outside only $65. He does some paperwork then pays me from the register.


Same experience. Lost cause.


I haven’t tried yet. I would try asking for a District Manager’s info. Call them, say you are maintenance or that the DM really needs to call you. If they ask why, advise that it’s a matter that is best shared between you and the DM.


Thanks to both of you for the info. I’ll try to upload some pictures tonight…it’s amazing how nasty they are.


I cleaned about 10 of them 3-4years ago. There do … should be getting a cal in a year or 2. Welll maybe not cause I hammmered them lol😁


Ha Ha Ha…
Yeah, the ones I looked at today looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in a while.


Just an example of a big chain that dropped the ball on their outward appearance.


I Agree.


I have heard stories where the store managers of these chain stores that don’t keep up appearances will desperately pay out of their own pocket to get glass cleaned if they have a corporate / regional mgr type person coming to the store for a visit. I’d still give the guy or girl a card and an occasional follow up.


Hats exactly it. Once corporate is coming they start scrambling. So when anyone gets a call like that. $$$
They will never stay on a maintance schedule


Good to know. Thanks for the info.z


Thanks, I’ll keep making face contact once a month, as they are in the middle of one of my areas of focus.
Thinking about eating my lunch in their parking lot…with my truck signs on.


The employees clean them.


I like your tenacity but I think your time will be better used elsewhere.


Oh, I agree with you. I was joking about doing lunch there. But, I will pop in once a month. They’ll probably have a heart attack when I tell them my price.


"Our employees clean the windows."
Says every tightwad store owner, ever.
Like I can’t see that their glass is looking rougher than a truck stop hooker.


You’d be better off selling CVS’s neighbors on the service. “Look at CVS’s windows. You don’t want to end up like THAT…”


sounds as if youre going to have to dig deep to get in there. maybe an idea to start some friendships on linkedin/ facebook of the employees so that suddenly you are part of the scenery


That’s good, I like it.