Customer Wants to Pick and Choose


Have you ever had the customer look at the clean windows when you’re all done and say “They look so good! Go ahead and do the rest of them.” I did. That was the first and the last time I ever let a customer pick and choose which windows were being done.

I said no! I was already loosing money and I new going back to the windows I skipped over would be a pain … LOL


It has been my experience that these kind of people don’t schedule amything. So basically, they are giving me a tour of their home. It is best to let them know you have a minimum once they start the “window picking schtik”. "Just to let you know, we have a great al’a cart package. Pick any 10 windows for $99. After that, for any regular sized pane it is $3 per side and we also offer standard pricing for screens, frames, and sills…and glass that requires a ladder. Would you like to sign up for that package before we continue the tour?"
I had one like this last month. They said they would call, I don’t know why people don’t call when they tell you they will. Do you think they will call?.:confused:


No they never do.


It’s about time we finally had a thread dedicated to complaining about problematic customers. The seasonal timing is impeccable. Kudos


When I met the Cherry Picking Customer at the front door I sized her up quick and had a strong impulse to say that I forgot something in my truck.

Then just drive away.

But I’m a professional so I resisted that impulse. I regret that decision to this day. A job from hell thats what it turned out to be.


Lesson learned. Go with your gut. Lol


It’s frustrating…just make it worth your while.$$


It gets even more annoying when the customer responds several months later to the comprehensive bid(s which were X for Exterior, Y for ext/int with their cherry picking.

I need to learn how to overcome their objections to full servicing because I will still want the job. Seems like the partial servicings make about as much sense as getting half of a haircut.


Your response could be - Sure, I have another appointment today, but I do have a spot on next weeks schedule."


There’s more to the story a lot more. Stuff I left out. It is the worst experience I have ever lived through in 35 years of cleaning. I just wanted to leave. I didn’t even care if I got paid. It’s actually quite funny now.


“When someone shows you what they are believe them.”


Not everyone in the world. The type of customer you get depends on how they reached you. The ideal customer is someone actively looking for a window cleaner and got a personal referral. The worst type is the one that got a door hanger or Groupon, because they were not looking and are just after the cheap price. Online shoppers that see you on Yelp or elsewhere are towards the middle.

That is not to say it can be the other way around.


This is simply not true, in my experience.
I have landed some of my best and most lucrative customers through door hangers. Groupon? Won’t even entertain the idea again.
Word of mouth is often good, but targeting the correct customer makes a huge difference.


I’m not saying every customer will be the same. It is much more likely you will have a better quality customer if they are reaching out to you versus you soliciting them. Especially if you advertise “X windows for $Y dollars” special.


I agree with this. Which is why on my door hangers there is no special pricing, there’s no intro discounts, etc. It just explains who we are, what we do. And the calls I’ve received from them have almost always been amazing customers, people who are looking for window cleaners but just didn’t know who to choose.

The three picky customers that called me from those door hangers were an anomaly. Not the norm for sure.


i would do the work.

as others have suggested, create a minimum that makes sense for you and your guys. also be sure to give them a quote for the entire project.
here is why you should do it:

-more clients to add to your database.
-on the day of, you may still be able to convert to a full job

  • it increases you chances of getting more ‘full’ work on the street (Word of mouth, door knocking during work)

as for keeping track - have the client place some painters tape on the inside of each window he wants clean.


While it is annoying, there’s a good chance they’ll need/want all of them done eventually… especially when they see how much better the ones you did turn out than the ones they did.


This reminds me of a customer i had a few years ago, only wanted the outside cleaned as “she” would be cleaning the inside herself, no problem all good a quick WFP and I’m done 30 mins later.
I get paid leave the job, only for her to call me within a few hours complaining how her windows were not as cleaned as she expected them to be, so I naturally go back and ask which windows and she says all of them… to me like WHAT?
Then I suggested that it was perhaps the inside windows that she cleaned that was the problem, She was outraged that I would suggest that her work was not up to par, So I begrudgingly agree to redo all the outside windows. hoping that would be the end of it.
Oh no not by a long shot, she calls again the following day demanding a refund, stating that I’ve been there twice and I still could not do the job properly, I was furious so I drive back to her house and basically strong armed my way into the house as she never wanted to even let me inside to see if the problem lay on her work, only to clean 1 of the 2 side by side windows to show her that the problem was on the inside, even after that she was still insisting on a refund for inconveniencing her. I had to laugh at that and instead I gave her a new invoice for calling me back when it wasn’t my work that was at fault.


Did she pay that 2nd invoice? Hah.


She did not, I wasn’t expecting her to, it was just oh you want a refund… well tough lol.
She told me she wouldn’t be paying it when I gave it to her, i said whatever, just don’t call me again.