Customer Wants to Pick and Choose


What are your thoughts on residential customers who walk you around their house and say “I want this one, this one, this one cleaned, not that one, I can reach those 3. I want that one there cleaned, not the lower ones I can reach those. And that one there.”?

Recently had THREE customers in a ROW call us for a quote and upon arrival they all only wanted their very highest windows done, anything they could reach they didn’t want us to do. These were BIG homes too so we were hoping to get these contracts because they had so many windows. However they only wanted a select few done.

This was the first time we’ve ever experienced this for residential. Wasn’t sure how to react, but we charged an extra amount for the picky-and-choosiness and landed two of the three. We have decided not to take on any more of these in the future. We come and do all the windows (either all exterior or all interior and exterior) or we don’t come.

I feel like this makes sense. What do you guys think?


We charge more per window when customers don’t want everything done. This is also where a minimum comes into play.


Estimate the time it takes from your schedule to do the job and try to line another job up with it if you can.

Charge a minimum that covers your day and any extra to be profitable.

Also give them a quote for the entire job, and a quote for just what they asked for, (which includes your minimum for tying up your schedule). They may decide that it is worth it to just let you do the whole thing.

If you refuse work, then no money. If you price it under your business plan, then you do.

It is always nice to book the full job for the full price, but charge what it is worth TO YOU and maybe another exterior or a small in/out job on the same day, if you can.


How did these 3 customers find your business?


I don’t have too many of those, but that process does drive me crazy. Part of it is me with not having an aptitude for keeping track of what is and isn’t getting done.
I am slowly cutting out certain customers and they will figure prominently in that group.
It reminds me of the Cars song “Bye Bye Love”…“substitution, mass confusion”


Can’t stand it. But it happens all the time. Another reason I loath residential.


Yep, had a home owner call for a window estimate. When I got there they just wanted the huge window at the staircase done. It would have come to $38 if it was included with the whole house, but I gave my $100 minimum price and they declined. That as good by me because I wasn’t looking forward to that much work for $100. Two days later did the house across the street for $350. :slight_smile:


id make sure that the price was exactly the same as if i was doing them all. the customer might say how dyou arrive at that price?

id reply "iv been adding and subtracting as weve been going along in here "


… As long as it meets my minimum…oh wait…I don’t have a minimum…it’s all good then…


Door hangers, and they were all from the same street haha!


Yep, we currently have a $150 minimum on residential (thinking of raising it) and an $85 commercial. “Go ahead and say you want 5 windows cleaned it will still be $150!”


I agree with the minimum. For stuff like that, $100-125 minimum. Make sure your estimate information is very specific and describes location of windows. If they accept, I would hand them a roll of painter’s tape or a stack of sticky-notes and have them put a piece on every window they want done…the count my be different from the estimate but the price will never go down and if they add more windows the price goes up, and I let them know that before I touch the extra windows.


That is why I have a minimum charge. I always let potential clients know my minimum on the phone. This way I am not wasting my time or theirs setting up an estimate to go look at the house. This process has worked well for me.

Hope this helps!


The thing with something like this is. What ar you suppose to remember the day of what she wants done. Oh ma’am do you an hour so we can go over this again :upside_down_face:. Forget that move on to someone else. This doesn’t happen that often with me . You have to get a feel while on the phone with them if they seem like one of those then hit them with your minimum . One lady went off on me cause I had minium , said she felt like a second hand citizen. I said sorry you feel that way. She hung up lol , I don’t know man

I got a little annoyed 2 years ago went on an estimate , An the lady was playing that game with me. This one, But not that one , those 3 , but not the one over there, so I played along … ok wait let’s go over this again those 2 right , but not that one, Or was it this one An those 3. Hold on wait here let me get my pad An pencil, after about 29 minutes with her I said can you just email me what you want Done from left to right top to bottom. :scream::face_with_head_bandage::rage::rofl::man_facepalming::upside_down_face::thinking:

Ok so I’m not the most professional at times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Kick me out of the club. I want professional customers :grimacing:


I’m going to quote that from now on


I had a customer last year doing the whole, this one, but not those routine. I finally stopped her and said - Look, I’ll do the front windows and the back patio windows in and out; that makes it easy for me to remember and you get pretty much what your looking for. She scoffed at my minimum too but finally said go ahead.


1thing i hate and its not just with windows. It seems most people in the world want everything for nothing. Willing to save a dollar at every turn but get mad when they get what they pay for. People you cant get gold from wood. If you pay 20 bucks for 200 windows…expect streaks. Happens in every area of life…people need to be slapped. Just my 2 copper :wink:


“Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. But if I didn’t have a minimum, I would feel like a second hand service provider…”

// the kind of comebacks I wish I could come up with on the spot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This reminds me of something a customer told me the other day. She wants to get her mother-in-laws windows done in the fall. She said, “The problem with my mother-in-law is that she thinks everything should be free. So I do all of the hiring and coordinating and tell her she’s paying a third of the regular price.” :joy: :joy: :joy:


It’ll kinda kill your rhythm and your profits right along with it. Maybe if you charged double for the ones you clean. But I think you’d still loose money.