Customer complaint 3 days later


What would you do? We serviced a customer and they sent pictures of a sash of a double-hung that fell into their room 3 days after our service and cracked the exterior wood frame. Is this something you would accept responsibility for and fix? It seems tough to believe that it would stay in place for three days. I’m thinking of checking all other windows they have in person to see if they’re locked as they should be. If they are locked chances are that one was also locked and perhaps the window itself was defective. Is there a time frame in which you all give customers? What would you do? Looking for honest advice. I might just give them the $150 cost of the job back.


Okay, new guy here…but, can you share the pics so folks can see what you are talking about? Also, “We”, does that mean YOU were not at the job site? One would think if something was amiss it would be noticed and noted. But if a staff did the job, maybe they just moved on and didn’t say anything. Bring this up because indeed it could have been broken long before you got there…and let’s blame the window cleaner. It’s a kettle o’ fish to have an unhappy customer blaming you. I would sure go back out and look…but that’s me. One would think and hope if staff did something, they would say something to you. Others will chime in when they are done making a fortune. It’s raining here…rain day.


No my guy did not leave a window sash laying on their floor while he was there lol. The window fell out 3 days after we left.


Wow !!! This is a pickle . Not for nothing this is the shitty part about our business we get blamed for everything. Just got blamed for a bent screen from last year nonetheless. Just said “no problem I’ll get a new one or get it fixed” , but I don’t think we bent it. Maybe we did who knows
Being that it was so minor I wasn’t going to argue
Mayne your guy didn’t shoot the window in totally … who knows. Man that’s a tough one if it was me that did the Window, An I new 100% I snapped it back in. I would go to battle with common sense logic. Saying “ I know for a fact I cleaned these myself, an shut the window. “ Wasn’t from me !! “If you want to take me to court go right ahead. Hate for it to go in this direction , but I’m not taking blame for something I know I didn’t do. “.
If it was my guy That did the Window I would just fess up an Pay. They will never tell the truth.

Or you/I could go in the other direction An just Fess up Pay for it An be done with it. 250 for the sash to get fixed


Sash that leans in for cleaning, then snaps back into place? If that is the case then perhaps it wasn’t pushed in completely? Vibration from a door shutting or slamming could cause THAT to make it fall. Only you could answer that.


Sash falling in, you might be responsible for that. There’s no way to prove it, but it could be a lot less problematic if you face the issue head on.

“Honestly, I can’t be certain that this was our fault, but in the interest of maintaining our relationship and my company’s stellar reputation, I will have it repaired”

We had a client 2 weeks ago that had a broken clip in an awning window. They seem to think it was broken by one of my employees, 2 years ago. We would have no reason to remove it, but to order a $15 piece to save a $750 job is worth it.


If it was locked like all the others it had to have been pushed in all the way. Or even if it wasn’t pushed in all the way the lock should keep it from falling inwards


This particular job I want nothing ever to do with this customer again. I’ve long fired them and regret not listening to my gut when they called me initially . It’s a long story. Very little profit and the customer is super cheap.


Maybe this one wasn’t locked like all the others. That’s the pickle.
If it was your guy you jace to take the blame . They’ll tell you they locked it in place , but the unfortunate thing is you don’t know for sure. It’s the unfortunate thing !!!


As a business owner and service provider we do take on some sort of liability.

If I understand, a tilt in double hung fell.

If so, did your guys tilts these?

If so, did they identify or notice any issue releasing or securing?

These dont just fall and need a reason. Likely one side could have not fully latched and simple wind could cause the incident.

Or customer tried to touch something up by tilting and didnt secure.

I’d pay unfotunately because its part of our liabilities.


Me too. Fix it and move on… It happens.


I would fix it and move on too.
Its Not worth them bashing you on social media or else
Giving you a bad review somewhere, you can write it off anyways …