CRM Customer Factor or House Call Pro


To start off the cost difference is substantial. House call is more than 2 times the cost for full version.

can I get some insight as to one or another by some of you who use these. Ideally not those who are paid or compensated by either CRM.

This topic is discussed a bit and these apps have been modified recently to provide more functionality so therefor old messages may not be relevant to current software.


I use both, I tend to lean on customer factor over house all. CF has almost everything you will need to run the back office. It isn’t as pretty but it has all the tools. Housecall is easier to find things because it has a dashboard. I like that you can tag jobs to track marketing dollars. Some specific reports are easier to run on House all. The techs like HC. The office likes CF.

I don’t think HC is worth it if you don’t use the full version. You should try both out for a month and just see which you like better. It will be money well spent.


They’re both very good. I personally use CF. HCP does look prettier but CF has a lot of features for one solid price. HCP you have to pay more to have more.

Either way, make sure you have enough customers to make it worth it. Always ask yourself: Is my business big enough to need the help of a CRM? Do I have the funds to keep paying for it? How will it help me reach my goals? Etc. Etc.

Joshua Latimer mentioned in Quick Talk Podcast to be able to run a successful business, learn to answer the “How” questions in your business.


There are several threads, but I suggest looking at this one:

[Which CRM based progam did you decide to go with?](

I like Steve, the owner, and hated leaving TCF, but ultimately there are features that drew me back to HCP.

BTW, you needn’t buy the full version if you’re still a one-man business. I spend about $70 per month, worth every penny to me.


We use jobber. It’s the best fit for our company.