Creating a pricing structure for my business


Hey everyone! So I’m in the process of starting my business and currently I’m trying to come up with ways to price my services.

Ive seen companies either charge by the pane which includes; Tracks and sills, screens and the window. Other companies I’ve seen charge extra for each different service.

There was also another company I’ve seen charge as a package deal based on the square feet of the house and labled the packages as “Premium”, “Delux”, and “Basic”

I guess I’m just having trouble on deciding how I should structure this. Any feedback would be great!


Just starting out I would suggest to keep it simple for now. Learn to crawl before you run. After you have some experience under your belt and have suffered (worked) through an assortment of different levels of jobs, then decide how and if you want to offer 3 or 4 levels of service.
For now try using a Factor Sheet (for your eyes only when bidding) that takes into consideration the different issues you will encounter on a variety of jobs. After gaining that experience you will have a clearer view (pardon the pun) of how you would like to offer your services.


Congrats on starting your business! I think that this is a topic that a lot of people over think, and with good reason…this is what is going to determine what makes or breaks your business. When I first started, I offered 2 basic services: Window Cleaning (insides and outsides, and outsides only) and Screen Cleaning. I forgot exactly what I charged, but that’s not important right now.

Anyway, did that for the first year and then realized that my clients were asking me to clean out the sills and tracks. So I added that service in my 2nd year. I also learned about creating packages and so I created 3 packages. In my opinion, packages are the best way to go because by giving the client 3 options, you are basically selling against yourself, which is a great position to be in. Your packages are going to change a thousand times, so don’t over think the details…get something down.

Currently, my packages look like this:

  1. Outsides Only Window Cleaning
  2. Basic Service: Window Cleaning (In/Out), Screen Cleaning
  3. Deep Clean Service: Window Cleaning (In/Out), Screen Cleaning, Sill/Track Detailing.

Again, you’re just starting, so don’t worry about getting it perfect. That will come with time…just get SOMETHING, whether it’s a package system, or more of an A La Carte system, and implement it.