Courage Test - Name your max. TDS when you still carried on and all was well


Looks like we have a winner. Albeit by mistake :—()


I knew it … TDS and pure water is hoax who started this tall tail. :wink:


Sometimes I think it is a hoax. Especially when you think about the cost of WFPs and RO/DI systems. But I know different. However the comments here show that there is another technology that we should be exploring. Thanx everyone. That is an excellant question Sam. I should do some more work on that. I have a feeling the answer would amaze all of us.



Not me, most things are possible with in reason.


Well I know I and others have worked with very high TDS values already. With fantastic success. And I know why we had that success. I think there really is almost no limit to the TDS based on different conditions that we are still working with. I invite everyone to join me on my facebook group. Or here. This thread is perfect for exploring this technology. Here are three different conditions that will give you success. First convert the glass from hydrophobic to hydrophylic with a bronze wool pad. Second use a superwetter at a percent of .01. Next work on a cloudy (no sun) overcast high humidity cool (55 degree) day. Check your TDS with a meter before experimenting. Use a small window maybe a two by two foot. You can use a hand held garden sprayer. Convert to a laminar flow. This is to eliminate all suds. Suds will leave soap streaks. Even from a .01 % concentration. My Super Soap of choice would be a silicone based anionic.



It turns out the biggest culprit for producing poor results is not cleaning the frame properly - especially the top frame. If the frames are clean, the window can be rinsed with a far less than perfect TDS.


this high of tds?


160 x 10???




Where was that taken? A sewer??? :slight_smile:


from a customer’s tap. they are on a well


Well I never…I wouldn’t want to drink that stuff. Mind you zeroTDS water will demineralise your body so don’t drink that either.


This is the local tap we have to drink (and process for WFP). Check out the contents.

malders.pdf (108.9 KB)