Cooling a window down with dry ice or liquid nitrogen


Was thinking of using dry ice or liquid nitrogen to spray down a hot window to instantly cool it to make cleaning on hot days easier. Anyone try anything like this?


No, not unless you want broken glass.

Not to mention the cost factor.


Just a tad overkill I think…


Start earlier, or later


As Steve said the glass will crack if it’s annealled/float or laminate and likely shatter if it’s toughened


Never had had a window that wasn’t able to be cleaned due to heat.

Planning ahead helps.


As others have already stated it’s probably not a good idea. I think a temp change that fast could/would be disastrous.


Get faster and use more water.


Get one of those whole house bug sprayer tents and put it around the house.

Then get a bunch of air conditioners.

You’re welcome.


Really though, maybe slop some plain water on first? Black glass is a real PITA.


Are you serious ? !!


I use Sorbo Glide. Has two purposes: Friction Reducer and an anti drying agent.
I use it almost all year around because it makes solution slippery.


I’d like to see the video!