Contest - Easier With A Northern Lite Pole


…No problem, 2 feet and his pecker…


We were cleaning the 4th story here. See the pole in the lift basket? I needed to use it to reach the very top! Hope that qualifies. :wink:


This is our highest commercial job right now. (edit: Sorry, I know it’s not three stories)


Great pics! You should definitely win


@Beautiful_View We take care of the Cineplex at Queensway and Islington. You know the big 3 storey VIP windows. If I knew about this contest I would have taken some pics of us doing the work. I’ve got this one for the time being… Might have to make another trip down the road tonight! :joy::joy::joy:


@Beautiful_View. Found a nice one of the Cineplex Playdium cleaning session from January 2017. Pick us… lol zero shipping costs!


Grovelling will get you everywhere.


That ladder angle is way too steep.


I know it was just a quick photo


Jordan, that’s an accident waiting to happen. It also looks like the ladder is on a snow covered or frosty patio. I can see that the stair railing is stopping you from getting the proper angle, but you could do several things to do that window safer.

  • Use a taller ladder, and place it over top of your window set to get the proper angle.
  • Have someone foot the ladder
  • Use a smaller ladder, at the proper angle, from the stair landing
  • Use a ladder stabilizer, and rest it on the sill to at least discourage slipping backwards, and also improve your angle.
  • Use a pole



Great pic!


Love it!


Thanks for helping Chris… I managed to get the forum mad at me without ever saying a word before it locked me out… :slight_smile:


Thank you…
That’s a building in University Heights, San Diego… Total pane in the glass to do without a water fed… Thought it might be perfect for this…




This is 40’ interior work from the ground according to what the manager tells me. I have a head start by standing on the museum display which is a fishing boat from the old Canadian $5 bill. I am using a water fed pole with the brush removed and a Moerman Excellerator with Fliq pad. What a horrible undertaking this was.


training the new guy


Just a few more days to get your entries in. :wink: