Contest - Easier With A Northern Lite Pole


April 2017 contest time. Contest rules in the video.


If this is how you currently do it…

I want to see a picture of it. Post 'em up and at the end of April, WCR will do a drawing to see who wins a Northern Lite water fed pole.


I got a picture of me laddering up 3 stories on a nice big house with lots of windows. Have it booked it for April 21 again so I will get a picture from the exact same spot with me wfp rather than ladder and put the pics side to side :slight_smile:


traditional pole work at 30ft. :wink:



Great first entry!


I say, set the bar high and lead the way ~ Dan Burns, Dependable Window Cleaning


crap, now I have to go buy a 30’ trad. pole so I can enter…


Dang, I was too busy cleaning to take a selfie.


Take a pic tomorrow. Never too late.


Here you go


Three points of contact. Always and every time.


Wise man.


Agreed. The picture is ancient.


here it is …


Oh man its good to see you around @belowzero!


This contest is awesome. Thanks Mark!


Ken can you elaborate?


ok i have been informed by mark that even though i already own a wfp and do not own a traditional pole i can still enter!!


Phew… Glad it qualifies for your approval. I was ready to shut the whole thing down.