Construction clean help


What are you guys using to remove the adhesive from the film that’s left after peeling it off ?
Oil flo ?

It works but the smell is brutal. What else are you guys doing for this. Does One Restore work for this.

Got a call for an exterior clean , An there all cut ups , but a good amount of the glass still has the protective film on it. So looking for some alternative methods.


You can use oil flo or something like LA Awesome found in dollar stores. A citrus will dissolve the adhesive too.

I have found that one of those, paired with bronze wool works good.

P.S. I HATE when they leave the film on too long. It’s a PITA to clean up. I had one house two years ago that had the film left on for three months, baking in the sun. You could have played Spiderman on those windows, they were so sticky.


I might even mix the Oil Flo or another slow evaporating solvent with a zirconium oxide about 3 microns. One of our distributors should come out with a nice Zircon Powder. Cheaper than cerium and less dangerous than silica. But still rather effective. What say WCR? I will likely be putting one in an SRC pad. Circular for a rotary and square for a random oscillator.



Does it mess with windows that have window tint? And we used this as a vendor to clean the leftover stuff the price labels would leave on the shelf. Maybe it would work on windows as well? It was always funny because you can tell when the prices were changed because of the orange smell download


Yes. Citrus or and thing that will remove adhesive will ruin tint.


Can never catch a break can we?


Applied tint is the window cleaners bane.

No one in my area will professionally apply tint anymore. With tint being so prone to damage, I understand why.

I don’t clean any glass that has a film tint, nor will I. I’m not tying my wagon to that train.


If you are meaning just the little lines left around edges, magic eraser. If you mean big patches, I usually use steel or bronze wool. Goof off takes it off pretty well, but then you have to deal with that greasy mess.


Ya this film has been on there for over a year. Going back one day next week to Test a few panes , see how it is to remove it. I’m leaning towards walking , mainly Becuse therr all cut-ups.
I’ll see …I could always through that big number out ther if they say yes then it is what it is.
I’ll go buy some of that pure citrus orange stuff. Anything is better than oil flo that stuff is horrible, But effective


I have never used oil flow, however I have used a citrus based product for many years it is not the same as linked,
I use
have been using it for many years and always done a great job.


A trend here in my part of Florida is external window tint - on waterfront even!
So easy to scratch because of salt and grit with just regular scrubber and squeegee. I have decided to decline those jobs now.


have a stain on glaas looks like cement run off nothing works any suggestions???


Ammonia works great for most adhesives and it’s cheap. Mix it with some soap to help it stick. Cover it with plastic. Let it dwell. Scrape it off. Don’t forget the scratch waiver.