We’re all screwed a dollar Window for any Window
Notice the BS screen cleaning.


I don’t know about all that! I think there wont be good results. Or maybe we can all hang up our WFP systems and buy that stuff. talk about cheap start-ups.


I can’t wait for the hard water stain calls… :roll_eyes:


The only good thing about these type of products are that you can reuse the container as a mini down streamer ( if its like similar products sold here)

I just put about an Oz of soap mixed with water and spray that onto screens before I run them thru my screen washer.

But yeah they will never replace a window cleaner.


Bahaha, this made my day! I feel like its a video that is so overly done that its supposed to be a joke, but they are serious! Reviews on Amazon were pretty funny.


I saw this the other day. Thankfully most of my customers wouldnt want to spend this much time outside anyways!


White Dress Shirt, Vest and Tie. WHAT ? Doesn’t everybody who does windows dress like that ?


I’m amazed at the outrageous claims they make.
Good for us, actually.