Compact RO/DI


What ever happened to this?


@PowerBlade They went into production in 2017 but not enough demand to keep them around.


A proper high capacity system can be surprisingly simple. Make your own is what I recommend. Keep it extremely simple so that replacement parts can be easily kept on hand and less can go wrong.

As for footprint, this system, as well as every possible piece of support equipment with replacement parts, in the video below fits in a 21" x 48" box and is good enough to work perfectly for huge buildings all day long and be transported by bike cargo trailer…


Is the 40" RO HF4 or HF5 Josh? I am not sure we have the water pressure for HF4 to work to optimum.


Good question, Steve. We use HF5’s.


Typo :slight_smile:


Hi Josh - I notice you have a Hozelock outlet for the product (pure water). The tap water inlet into the RO appears to be a black 3/4” internal diameter hose however. Is it worth having a 3/4 outlet to 3/4 hose barb to use larger internal diameter hose and increase the flow rate as Hozelock is a smaller bore outlet (3/4 down to 1/2”). Also the filter appears to have 1/2” inlet and outlet rather than 3/4 or 1”. Just trying to max the flow from a 60psi outlet. Your experienced thoughts are appreciated.


Good eye, Steve!

Yes, I believe the larger the diameter the better, resulting in more flow and increase in pressure as you go down in diameter out towards your final pole hose.

I also use the largest diameter industrial hose from the source and between filter stages. I’m not sure why so many manufacturers use small hose between filter stages. I’m sure that stifles flow.


Yeah we do have the EZ pure carry system, it is super compact, but no wheels.

Any other questions shoot me a text 862-312-2026


Oh ok. Thanks Jersey, I was hoping they were still making the wheeled cart for them


The cart on wheels and the hose reel was awesome but I have a feeling the cart had a cost close to the actual cost of the EZ Pure and having the carts produced in mass was a tricky situation.


Wow… why are carts so expensive?


I’m just hazarding a guess. I know the actual material cost of the EZ Pure has got to be pretty low. The cart has to be manufacturer, wheels put on, hose reel and hose added and the volume at which these were produced probably wasn’t high enough to get put the best possible buying tier. Again, this is just speculation on my part.