Compact RO/DI


Yeah, the one I had pre-wcr was on a little cart - it sucked because the wheels were so small that it was a pain to move through the dirt. It was a sidewalk only sort of trolley.


Yeah but its a fine line how much can be put into a cart. A system like that is a price-point unit, adding an elaborate cart would drive the price way up.


Just curious…why not a one membrane 21" ro design? I get that the largest production port on a 4x21" is 1/2" (at least that’s the limit ive seen) vs 3/4" or larger on the 40s so your production & flow should be less depending on source pressure & not factoring in a pump, correct? Also the limit at “peak” capacity for a 21" extra low energy membrane that ive seen is a little over 1000 gpd (roughly 40 gph which will be less than that “highest” limit usually… esp in cold weather, right?) vs 2500 for 40", but shooting for 1/2 gpm flow for a solo operator shouldn’t that be enough per day? So Ive wondered why its always 2 21" vs 1 40" (commercially made I mean)? I know you have much more experience with this as do others so just wondering if it has to do with efficiency of operating or something else.


A 4x40 membrane will get better water flow than 2 4x21 membranes. It has to do with surface space on the membrane. Less 90 degree angles and larger hose also helps with water pressure on the membrane. 3/4 hose also helps.
Just like this one
And this one


We are working on a cart for the EZ-Pure caddy.

Pre-production model is being tested.

Comes with large wheels like the Tucker carts.

Shawn Gavin
RHG Products Company


not enough flow


it isn’t better or more preffered it more compact regarding height. it may be more expensive to maintain i have not researched the cost of replacing 2 vs 1.
the size of an ro deterimes it’s output


@ATF I have customers using one 21 inch RO in front of the the Hydropower he was burning through bags in OK and wanted to save money


it provides enough flow ? well hush my mouth!!!


Thanks John. :slight_smile:


Yes he has good flow and it lowers his TDS and saves his resin bags.


verrrrry interesting


Ken where did you get this info?


online chris, is it wrong?


To the best of my knowledge this system is only a prototype and not even in production.


Cool, I’d be interested to see one when they are out.


Are there any comparison charts that list all the RO/DI units with their specs?

If you look under the section 4 ways to get pure water its the best comparison we have. As for specs I can give you the individual specs on each unit. Basically you have units for one pole, 2 poles and 3 to 4 poles. They can produce from 1.5 gpm of permeate water to up to 7 GPM of permeate water.


What specs specifically are you looking to compare? - I will put something together.


Dimensions, weight, proprietary or non proprietary filters. Might be good to ask this question as a poll as more experienced users will have additional and/or more refined info needs.